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On the pages below, you will find all the forms that you need for recruiting students, monitoring them throughout their studies (by completing the mandatory milestones) and enabling them to enter their thesis for examination.

If you have any questions then please email and the Graduate School will be pleased to help you. 

Research degrees supervisor handbook

Read the full Research degrees supervisor handbook (PDF).

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  • MD(Res) application form (Word)

  • MPhil-PhD application form (Word)

  • Studentship project form (Word) — project application form for SGUL-run and funded studentships to be sent to the Research Degrees Committee in advance of a studentship recruitment.

  • Studentship application checklist (Word) — provides information about funding for stipends for both studentships and individually recruited students. This only needs to be completed if a student is to receive a funded stipend.

  • Current fee rates for students (22/23) (Word)
Current fee rates for students
Fees 2024 to 2025

Whether you or your sponsor pays your fees, it is your responsibility to ensure the fees have been paid by the end of each academic year (31 July) and you are liable for these fees should your sponsor default. You will not be permitted to re-enrol if you have outstanding fees. Additionally, if you are in the exams process, we will not be able to release your award letter or degree certificate if there are any tuition fees outstanding (this includes writing up and ‘continuing student’ fees). If your fees are paid by a sponsor, please let the PGR team know as soon as possible so that invoices can be sent to the correct person or body. Contact the Finance Office to ensure your fee payments are up-to-date.

MPhil and PhD students are required to pay a minimum of two years full time fees or the part-time equivalent. MD(Res) are required to pay a minimum of one year or the part-time equivalent.

You or your sponsor will be issued with an invoice shortly after your registration has been confirmed and thereafter prior to the start of every academic year (01 August) until completion of your degree. If you are a self-payer and registering at the start of your studies, then you will be required to pay your fees in full as part of your registration.

MPhil/PhD Students

Home full-time


Home part-time


Staff rate full-time*


Staff rate part-time*


EU and overseas, Medicine (full-time)


EU and overseas, Medicine (part-time)

On application

EU and overseas, non-medicine (full-time)


EU and overseas, non-medicine (part-time)

On application

 MD (Res)

Home full-time


Home part-time


Staff rate full-time*


Staff rate part-time*


EU and overseas, full-time


EU and overseas, part-time


* Postgraduates who are employed by St George's, University of London only, will be charged a reduced rate, except in those cases where the student is not personally responsible for the payment of the tuition fee, in which case the full fee will be charged to the student’s sponsor.

Timescales, writing up fees and ‘continuing student’ fees
Full-time MPhil/PhDPart-time MPhil/PhD

Years 1 and 2

Full-time fees

Years 1 to 4

Part-time fees

Year 3

Normally full-time fees

Years 5 to 6

Normally part-time fees

Year 4

Writing up fees (£317)#

Year 7

Writing up fees (£317)#

Full-time MD(Res)Part-time MD(Res)

Year 1

Full-time fees

Years 1 and 2

Part-time fees

Year 2

Writing up fees (£317)#

Year 3

Writing up fees (£317)#

# If given permission to move to writing up status.

All students are permitted one year only of writing up fees and will revert back to full/part time fees if their thesis is not submitted before the notified end date.

For any students who have submitted within time but have gone into a new academic year, a ‘continuing student’ fee of (currently) £684 will be charged for each academic year until date of award. Students who entered early writing up and who are still within the maximum time period will also revert to ‘continuing student’ fees, unless they have not submitted by the original end date of their studies, in which case, they will revert to full fees until submission.

Any student who has a submission extension (but not a time extension) to their notified end date will revert to full/part time fees until the thesis is submitted and then move onto ‘continuing student’ fees. Writing up fees and continuing student fees must be paid in full and cannot be paid in instalments

Tuition fees policy

Please refer to the Tuition Fee Policy for the most up-to-date information.

Be aware: Failure to pay your fees can result in termination of your studies

Salaries Office

If you are employed at SGUL or are receiving a stipend during your studies and wish to pay your tuition fees in instalments from your salary/stipend, upon arrival you should go to the Student Life Centre to sign an instalment agreement with the Student Finance & Support Officer. You should then take the agreement to the Salaries Office based on the Ground Floor of Hunter Wing to ensure that the office has all the required details in order for you to pay on a monthly basis. Please note that the tuition fees must be cleared by 1 August of that academic year.

Maternity pay

Full-time female MPhil/PhD students in receipt of a stipend from an SGUL studentship, Research Council funded studentship, Wellcome Trust or medical research charity will be eligible for up to six months paid maternity leave.

If your funding body does not make provision for paid maternity leave, this will be funded by SGUL. Please let us know if you are planning to go on maternity leave and think you may be eligible for maternity pay. (Students who are part-time, self-funded or funded by an overseas government will not be eligible for maternity pay.)

Changes to fee rates

Fees are subject to inflationary changes annually. The details given above are correct for 2024/25 only and do not form part of any contract. The fees currently chargeable may be confirmed on application to the Programme Manager (Research Degrees).

Please note: Fees are charged from date of registration until date of award.

Forms for use during period of study
  • 6 month progress report for research students (Word)

  • Application to interrupt form - PGR specific (Word)

  • Application to request an extension to date of submission of thesis - Covid (Word)

  • Application to request an extension to date of submission of thesis - non-Covid (Word)

  • Enhanced monitoring progress updates (Word)

  • Nomination of examiners for MD(Res) to PhD transfer (Word)

  • Nomination of examiners for MPhil to PhD transfer (Word)

  • Request to Transfer to Writing Up Status (Word)

  • Transfer decision form - MD(Res)  to PhD (Word)

  • Transfer decision form - MPhil to PhD (Word)

  • Withdrawal Form - PGR specific (Word)

Examination entry forms
  • Abstract and declaration of number of words (Word)

  • Appointment of examiners (Word)

  • Description of thesis (Word)

  • Exam entry form (Word)

  • Instructions and guidance for thesis submission (Word)

  • Reproduction of thesis (Word)

Research Degree Committee meetings (dates and closing dates for papers)

Details of Research Degree Committee meeting dates and closing dates for papers.
 Date of meeting Closing date for papers
 13 July 2022  24 June 2022
 8 September 2022  25 August 2022
 23 November 2022 4 November 2022 
 8 February 2023  23 January 2023
 15 March 2023  25 February 2023
 17 May 2023  28 April 2023
 19 July 2023  30 June 2022.


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