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Our values define what makes St George’s a distinctive community, guiding our behaviours and shaping our culture. Our leadership attributes are shaped by the values outlined in the university’s strategic vision 2030.

These values are:

  • commitment
  • openness
  • respect
  • engagement.

For our staff to thrive in the complex, uncertain, and rapidly changing world of the higher education sector, St George’s needs to enable, encourage, develop and grow its leaders and managers to deliver the university’s ambition and vision.

Download: St George's Leadership Attributes (PDF)

A St George's leader...

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... is ambitious for St George's
  • Demonstrates pride in St George’s and drive, determination and ambition for the future.

  • Makes decisions and prioritises actions driven by a sense of what is right for St George’s.

  • Takes ownership, accountability and responsibility.

  • Engenders a positive belief and a “can-do” attitude.

  • Inspires others with a clear vision of the future.

  • Achieves results in challenging times.

... leads effectively during complexity and change
  • Demonstrates sound judgment and an ability to handle complexity and uncertainty.

  • Consistently and clearly communicates the vision and strategy.

  • Is adaptable and flexible to changing contexts.

  • Has a clear focus on the longer-term vision and priorities.

  • Responds to changing opportunities and risks.

  • Is future focused and scans the horizon.

... enables growth and success
  • Encourages and promotes a culture of teams and teamwork.

  • Inspires and motivates, creating alignment of individual and university objectives. Understands what motivates staff.

  • Sets clear objectives and expectations and supports staff to achieve these.

  • Creates a shared view of objectives, outcomes and success.

  • Delegates, trusts and empowers staff.

  • Empowers staff to take initiative, innovate and have the confidence to achieve.

... is connected and influential
  • Creates, influences and nurtures internal and external relationships, networks and partnerships.

  • Is visible and accessible, communicating effectively with a wide range of people.

  • Demonstrates an inclusive and consultative approach to change and decision making.

  • Listens effectively with respect, understanding and empathy.

  • Invites others to contribute and share their views.

... is a role model
  • Demonstrates openness, honesty and transparency.

  • Values and respects diversity and creates an inclusive environment.

  • Demonstrates commitment, dedication, personal responsibility and accountability.

  • Demonstrates empathy: listens and treats colleagues with fairness and honesty.

  • Delegates, trusts and empowers staff.

  • Acts with integrity.


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