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Embedding values through management in research culture is essential for fostering an environment where integrity, collaboration, and inclusivity thrive. Effective management practices that prioritise and model these values not only guide individual but also behaviour-shape the overarching culture, influencing how research is conducted, communicated, and utilised for the betterment of society.

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Ways we will embed our core values

We will embed our core values by:

  • creating a Research Culture group that encompasses diverse representation from staff and student groups to enable joint development of strategic aims and actions
  • consulting with our research staff to ensure that recruitment processes, recognition and promotion are fair and equitable, to cultivate a diverse and inclusive work culture
  • listening to feedback by liaising with researcher groups, analysing pulse surveys and conducting a GAP analysis to support actions that improve key elements of Research Culture
  • reviewing the impact and effect of policies, initiatives (such as Equal Representation Academia) and governance procedures on EDI harassment, bullying, mental health and wellbeing, scientific integrity, open science and sustainability for research by working with the Athena SWAN working group, HR Excellence in Research Award (HREiRA), the academic publications working group, and the Library
  • developing a shared vision of sustainability, and supporting initiatives which promote sustainability on a local and institutional level. 

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