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Our mission is to promote excellence in teaching, clinical practice and research within medicine and health sciences.

Why use consulting from St George's?

Our researchers in the medical sciences are encouraged to contribute their extensive scientific knowledge to society by participating in consultancy.

If you’re from an external organisation, consultancy offers a great chance to build links with our researchers and provides solutions to technical matters. Some of our most successful research collaborations have started from a consultancy.

What can a St George's consultant help with?

We can recommend senior specialists to help with any of the following:

  • addressing specific technical issues

  • providing guidance on scientific procedures

  • giving expert advice for legal cases.

Examples of work our consultants have taken part in include:

  • advising a medical device manufacturer on the efficacy of a potential new design of instrument

  • providing statistical conclusions about specific diseases, based on population data

  • providing consultancy access to our proprietary software for analysing patient data.

Consulting areas we specialise in

St George’s, University of London is embedded within one of the busiest hospitals in the UK, St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. Our research greatly benefits from this. The hospital provides a huge patient catchment area and we have expert clinical staff for clinical trials activity.

Our areas of speciality are:

  • cardiac and vascular sudden death

  • ageing

  • neurosurgery

  • genetic mechanisms of disease

  • infectious diseases

  • antimicrobial resistance

  • immune system function

  • prevention of disease

  • mental health care.

St George's has three specialist research institutes:

Find out more

To find out more, or to get support identifying a consultant with specific technical expertise, send us an email.


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