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St George’s research is governed and monitored by Research and Enterprise Committee under the leadership of  the Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise) Professor Jon Friedland. Further information can be found below.

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Terms of Reference

Professor Jon Friedland, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research & Enterprise), Chair (JSF)

Professor Rachel Allen, Director of IMBE

Carl Alexander, Press and Research Communications Manager

Dr Silvia Martin Almedina, Postdoctoral scientist representative

Professor Deborah Baines, Chair, Safety Management Committee

Subhir Bedi, Head of Research Governance & Delivery, JRES

Professor Elijah Behr, Clinical Academic Group Director, Cardiovascular

Professor Dot Bennett, Research Institute Director, Molecular and Clinical Sciences

Dr Tihana Bicanic, Clinical Academic Group Director, Infection and Immunity

Robert Bond, Head of Biological Research Facility

Robert Churm, Director of Information Services

Mark Cranmer, Director of Joint Research and Enterprise Services

Susanna Cooper, PhD student representative

Sue David, Associate Director of Information Services

Caroline Davis, Director of External Relations and Communications

Dr Anna Dulic-Sills, Director of Research Operations

Jo Eggleton, Research Institute Manager, Molecular & Clinical Sciences

Dr Daniel Forton, Associate Medical Director (Research), SGHFT

Professor Peter Garrard, Professor of Neurology (alternate Research Institute Director, MCS)

Dr Atticus Hainsworth, Chair, Scholarly Communications Working Group

Professor Priscilla Harries, Associate Dean for Research & Innovation, FHSCE

Anne Harris, Safety, Health and Environmental Manager

Professor Tom Harrison, Professor of Infectious Diseases (alternate Research Institute Director, I&I)

Professor Paul Heath, Chair, Research Ethics Committee

Professor Jenny Higham, Principal

Dr Vanessa Ho, Associate Dean for Inclusion, Culture and Development

Dr Carwyn Hooper, Head of Graduate School

Dr Jeremy Issacs, Clinical Academic Group Director, Neurosciences

Dr Julie Leeming, Director of Planning

Professor Jodi Lindsay, Research Director of Cross Cutting Themes and Academic Lead for REF (Deputy Chair)

Dr Penelope Lympany, Head of Laboratory Services

Professor Julian Ma, Research Institute Director, Infection & Immunity

Professor Sahar Mansour, Clinical Academic Group Director, Genetics and Genomics

Susan McPheat, Director of Finance (alternate)

Melanie Monteiro, Research Institute Manager, Infection & Immunity

Dr Daniel Osborn, Senior Lecturer representative

Professor Christopher Owen, Professor of Epidemiology (alternate Research Institute Director, PHRI)

Louise Phillips, Head of Research Funding, JRES

Paul Ratcliffe, Chief Operating Officer

Dr Colin Sandiford, Safety, Health and Environment Adviser, Estates and Facilities (alternate)

Dr Henry Staines, Lecturer in Lecturer representative

Karen Stewart, Research Finance Manager (alternate)

Cheryl Watson, Head of Strategic Research Development  (Research Operations)

Professor Charlotte Clark, Research Institute Director, Population Health

Kevin Browne, Director, Human Resources and Organisational Development 

Research Institute Manager – Infection and Immunity Research Institute


Dr Craig Wheway, Research Strategy and Development Manager (Joint Research and Enterprise Services, JRES)



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