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Enrolment is necessary to formally become a student at St George's.

Enrolment will take place in three stages. You must complete Stage 1 of enrolment before arriving at Induction, but you should aim to complete Stage 1 and 2 as soon as possible. International students must also complete a Right to Study check as part of their enrolment process. This check will take place onsite before progressin to Stage 3 (ID card process). Please see  Right to Study for International Students for more information. 

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Enrolment Stage 1 (online process)

Before completing Stage 1, you will need to wait until you receive an e-mail from the St George's IT Department before following the steps below.

If you do not receive an email from the IT Department more than 48 hours after you were contacted about enrolment, contact the Admissions team.

Stage 1 instructions:

1. Refer to the email you have received from the IT department which will include your St George's Student ID number, and instructions on how to set up your IT network account and password. Set up your IT network account before continuing to step 2.

2. Log onto the applicant portal.

If you cannot login because your password is not being accepted then you can reset your password.

3. Once you're logged on, select "New Student - Enrol" within the menu and complete the online form.

Ensure you list all academic qualifications not already listed when completing the online enrolment task. Without these qualifications inputted, your enrolment may be delayed. If you are unable to find your qualification on the list whilst inputting, please include them during the verification stage (Stage 2), and we can assist you.

You will receive a confirmation email to your account to confirm that you have completed online enrolment. Do not forget to check your mailbox regularly as this is now your official University email address. Should you encounter any technical issues and online enrolment is not possible, please let us know by contacting the Admissions team.

You will be asked to complete a similar process every year as it is a condition of your continued registration as a student that you enrol for each year of the course.

Enrolment Stage 2 (verification process)

Stage 1 must be completed before progressing to Stage 2.

For us to confirm that you are eligible to enrol at St George’s, we will need to verify all of your documents. We will be able to verify the majority of qualifications remotely, however some qualifications, such as degrees and international qualifications, will need to be verified in person during induction. In the last few weeks, you will have received emails from the Admissions team asking you to upload your documents to the applicant portal. This will help you complete Stage 2.

Stage 2 instructions:

1. Log onto your applicant portal.

2. Make sure you have uploaded copies of any documents requested by email that now appear in your applicant portal check list. This may include:

  • a current form of photographic identification (e.g. passport or driver’s licence)
  • all academic and non-academic certificates you have achieved to date
  • a course-specific Student Entry Agreement
  • other documents the Admissions team may request

If you have already uploaded your documents to the applicant portal, they will appear under 'Documents', and you will not need to upload them again.

3. Once you have uploaded your documents, the Admissions team will view your documents and begin the enrolment process remotely. We may be in touch if we require any further information from you. If we have all of the information we need, you will receive an email confirming that you are fully enrolled. This is a manual process and may take a few weeks.

If you have the following qualifications, we will not be able to complete your enrolment remotely, and ask you to bring the original certificate with you when you are invited to collect your ID card during Induction (Stage 3):

  • university degree
  • qualifications from outside of the UK
  • other qualifications as advised by the Admissions team (we will contact you if this is necessary)
Enrolment Stage 3 (ID card process)

Stage 1 must be completed before progressing to Stage 3. International students must also complete the Right to Study check before progressing to Stage 3. 

At the start of the course, you will be invited on-site to obtain your Student ID card. You will now be considered a student, rather than an applicant.

Stage 3 instructions:

1. Ensure you attend the ID card session scheduled in your first week on-site at St George's. Please see our Induction webpage for the date of your onsite visit.

2. Bring the following with you to use on the day:

  • a current form of photographic identification (e.g. passport or UK driver’s licence)
  • any original certificates if you have a university degree, qualifications from outside of the UK, or that have been requested by the Admissions team

3. If you are not fully enrolled when you collect your ID card, the Admissions team will advise on what is outstanding and how you can become fully enrolled.

4. Be ready to have your photograph taken for your ID!


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