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Research space at St George’s accommodates research staff from Infection and Immunity, Molecular and Cell Sciences and Population Health Research Institutes, and Institute of Medical and Biomedical Education, as well as the Research Operations Team. Staff from these areas are housed within Jenner Wing, and their offices and specialised laboratories are located across the ground, first and second floor.

Research space is overseen and managed by the Research Space Steering Group, to ensure that the needs of the research community are appropriately met.

Research Space Steering Group meets four times per year. Its guiding principles are set by the Research Space Management Policy and Terms of Reference (PDF).

The process for requesting research space

Requests for space (laboratory, office or storage) will be accepted through the year but evaluated on a quarterly basis when the Research Space Steering Group meets. For any request to be considered at the Steering Group’s meeting, it must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the next meeting:

Next deadline: 30 August 2021, ahead of the meeting on 13 September 2021 (further dates to be announced).

If the request is urgent, it will be dealt via Chair’s action.

In order to request space, a research space request form (excel) should be completed and sent to the Director of Research Operations who will analyse it and present the case to the Steering Group.

The form is divided into three sections: laboratory space, office space, and storage space. Only the relevant sections need to be completed. The fields on the form are self-explanatory.

Please address any queries about research space to Director of Research Operations


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