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To support our core deliverables and wider commitments, we have four enabling themes for which we hold ambitious goals:  

Resilience: equipping our students and staff with the skills, self-awareness and compassion to thrive and reach their full potential  

As the UK’s specialist health University, in order to develop the future workforce for our healthcare systems, we will strive to develop rounded professionals who are able to both excel in their careers and maintain a positive work-life balance.  

By 2030:  
  • wellbeing will continue to be central to who we are and how we operate.  

  • we will have invested in the staff and infrastructure (physical and systems) needed to give students the necessary support and space to thrive in their St George’s education.  

  • we will have invested in our staff, so we are resourced to deliver requirements across the University.  

Inclusivity: becoming a more inclusive community of staff, students and alumni  

We want to be a place which develops ideas, people and knowledge that serve a diverse world.  

By 2030: 
  • we will have further developed our understanding of equality, diversity and inclusion issues, taking a proactive and targeted approach to remove barriers faced by members of our community. This includes, but is not limited to, continuing to promote race, disability, gender and LGBTQ+ equality. 

  • we will have made education, research and our campus highly accessible, ensuring the support we offer to students and staff responds to their diverse needs.  

  • we will be recognised for our inclusive leadership approach.  

  • our curricula will develop students with the knowledge and attributes to serve a diverse world.  

Growth: improving our financial performance  

As a compact University in a unique location, we will continue to be creative and ambitious and actively pursue opportunities to grow in the coming decade.  

By 2030, 
  • we will increase Education income through portfolio expansion, streamlining and efficiencies, increasing student numbers (FTE) by at least 20% (from 2022).  

  • we will have increased our research and enterprise income by 50%.  

  • we will have developed strategic partnerships that will extend our impact.  

  • we will influence policies that support a sustainable higher education sector.  

  • the strength of our brand identity will attract more people to join us and support our work.  

Integration: developing our infrastructure to remove siloes and effectively integrate our academic functions  

By 2030, 
  • we will have embedded the policies, practices and culture required to support fully integrated working within and between our Research and Education functions.


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