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We want to improve healthcare for everyone

Here at St George’s, University of London we have three broad objectives for our research work:

  1. Generating a positive social impact by improving diagnosis and treatment of disease
  2. Preventing disease by responding to new and emerging healthcare challenges through targeted interventions
  3. Developing our understanding of health through effective collaboration.  

Our focus has meant that we are well equipped to respond to the international Coronavirus pandemic. Find out more about what our researchers are doing to combat the pandemic and how you can support our Coronavirus Action Fund.

Hand placing vaccine in fridge in laboratory Vaccine being placed in refrigerator in lab

We do high-impact research 

By keeping a narrow but deep research focus, we ensure that our work is truly world class. Our research informs World Health Organization policies and transforms the lives of people around the globe. So it’s not surprising that despite our small size, we were ranked joint 8th in the UK for research impact in 2021.  

PhD student Alexa Bishop in our Vascular Biology Research Centre. Alexa Bishop PhD in our Vascular Biology Research Centre.


We focus on key research areas

We have five research institutes covering our broad research themes; Cardiovascular and Genetics, Neurosciences and Cell BiologyPopulation Health Research, The Centre for Allied Health and Infection and Immunity  Each consists of a number of research groups focused on specific topics ranging from antimicrobial resistance to sudden death in the young

Across the university, we also have crosscutting themes: Genomics & Genetics and Healthy Ageing. Similarly, our expertise in bioinformatics and statistics supports the needs of many of our research groups. And we all work together to develop clinical and scientific research careers, as well as to increase public engagement with our science.

These universal themes bring a sense of continuity and community to everything we do.   

We want to be even better

We're continuing to strengthen the global connections that build on our successes and multiply the impact of our work. Our researchers are forging new partnerships and collaborations both within the university and around the world, generating novel projects and winning the funding to bring them to fruition.

St George's research institutes and themes

A diagram of research institutes and their research groups.

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