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Records management ensures that we maintain our records in a way that supports that activities of the university while meeting our legal and regulatory requirements. We support the management of records no matter what format they are maintained in, from creation through to either disposal or transfer to the Archives.

Effective management of St George’s records:

  • ensures our records are managed in pursuance of our legal and regulatory obligations

  • supports and documents policy formation and decision making

  • enables the timely disposal of information no longer required

  • meets the expectations of our staff, students and alumni that we manage information correctly, maintaining accountability and transparency in respect to actions taken

  • offers evidence of research and business activities and ensures these records are maintained appropriately

  • supports the Archives in its work to document the history, functions, and development of St George’s by identifying records of historic importance.

The Records Manager supports these aims by:

  • creating and maintaining policies and procedures that support managing records

  • maintaining St George’s retention schedule

  • providing advice on good record-keeping practices

  • arranging and assisting teams carry out decluttering days

  • training teams on how to manage their records.


Kirsten Hylan

020 8725 5007

Policies and Procedures 

 Guidance Notes

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