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Guidance for students on a suspension of studies

Occasionally the University may need to impose a suspension of studies on a student where this is in the best interests of the student, the University community or the general public e.g., if the student is subject to a police investigation, a Disciplinary Procedure or a Fitness to Study or Practise procedure.

A suspension is not a disciplinary measure and does not imply the student is guilty of any offence.

A student under a suspension continues to be registered at St George’s and remains bound by the University Terms and Conditions, but is not enrolled and may not attend the university.

If you are suspended

You will receive a letter from the Student Conduct and Compliance Team informing you that you are suspended and providing information which is particular to you.

You should discuss the suspension with your course team. It is likely that you will not be able to resume your studies until the next academic year.

The following applies to all those on suspension:

  • Your studies are paused and you must not attend any teaching (including online teaching), clinical placement, research, social or other activities at St George's or a partner institution or placement site.
  • Your enrolment status on the student record system will be updated to indicate that you are suspended.
  • Your Student ID card will be deactivated for access to buildings (by Estates).
  • You will not be able to take any assessments (including coursework and examinations etc) and will not receive results, any award or be notified of Board of Examiner decisions.
  • You must not access the VLE (Canvas), UNITU, the Library or other university systems.
  • You will usually retain access to your IT account and email address. The Student Conduct and Compliance Team will advise if this is not the case.
  • You will be required to leave University accommodation if you are resident in Halls and may be barred from visiting Halls.
  • A suspension will count towards your maximum period of study and you may need to apply for an extension. Read our Procedure for Consideration for an Extension to a Maximum Period of Study.
  • Your photo may be circulated by Security to ensure that you are not admitted to campus or Halls.  
  • If you are on a Student Visa, we will inform the Home Office of your suspension, please see here for further information: Visa and immigration support. You are advised to contact the International Advising Team.
  • University support is available to you, please see below, but please remember you should make a prior appointment with the appropriate department before attending the site.

While we do not take these measures lightly, and they do not imply guilt, they are taken to protect you and other students.

Please note that you cannot be on an interruption of studies at the same time as a suspension. A suspension will take precedence over an interruption.

Financial Implications of a Suspension or Interruption

Resuming your studies following a Suspension or Interruption

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