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Resuming your studies following an interruption or suspension

When you resume your studies following a period of suspension or interruption you will return at an appropriate time determined by the course team, this will often be in the following academic year.

If you took an interruption of studies, depending on your circumstances, details of your return to study may have been documented on your Interruption of Studies form.

Prior to your return from Interruption, you will receive an email (please remember to check your SGUL email account regularly) reminding you about your expected date of return and covering arrangements for any requirements for your return e.g. an Occupational Health assessment.

If you are returning from a suspension you may need to take a further period of interruption in order to return to the course at an appropriate time. You may need to fulfil other requirements such as an Occupational Health assessment.

In either case, please speak to your course team to ensure that you are clear about the arrangements for your teaching, placement, assessments and examinations on resuming your course.

If you are resuming your studies in the following academic year you will need to re-enrol. Your enrolment record will be updated and your access to services will be restored. Please contact your Course Administration Team if you have any difficulties with your access to services on resumption of studies.

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