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Financial implications of a suspension or interruption of studies

If you are suspended or interrupt your studies you will not be charged tuition fees for the period of the suspension/interruption.

If you are in receipt of funding from Student Finance England (SFE) you must inform SFE as soon as you are suspended/interrupted.

SFE will likely stop your maintenance loan from the date of suspension. If you delay informing them of your interruption/suspension they may require you to reimburse any over payment of maintenance immediately.

SFE will generally provide one additional year of funding above the length of your course. If you interrupt or suspend your studies and need to return to the same course year in the next academic year it is likely that you will use this additional year of funding, even if you are enrolled for only part of the year. Further advice is available:

Similarly, if you receive funding from another body you should inform them.

Whilst interrupted you are not eligible for council tax exemption, a student oyster card or St George’s Financial assistance.

Please note that you will not be able to resume your studies if you have unpaid tuition fees for the previous academic year. Please contact if you have fees to pay and please be aware that we will continue to send fee reminders, where appropriate, while you are on a suspension or interruption.


Please contact if you have any queries.

Useful information: Fees and funding 2023/24.

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