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The regulations for each programme of study at St George’s state the length of time within which students shall be required to complete the programme of study and complete satisfactorily all of the prescribed assessments – this period of time is often called the ‘maximum period of study’ or ‘registration period’.

For the majority (but not all) programmes, the maximum period of registration is calculated by using the number of years a student would normally complete the programme in + 2.

For example:

Examples of the maximum period of registration.
 BSc  3 years + 2 = 5 year maximum period of registration
 MBBS5  5 years + 2 = 7 year maximum period of registration. 

Students that have taken an Interruption of Study and/or have repeated a year or more should keep in mind the Programme Regulations relating to their maximum period of registration and ensure they familiarise themselves with the procedure for consideration for an extension to a maximum period of study.

Students are responsible for ensuring that they do not exceed their registration period without prior authorisation and are advised to apply to the Panel as soon as it becomes apparent that it is no longer possible to complete the programme within the designated timeframe. We do not recommend that students wait until six weeks before their registration expires (which is the very latest time an application can be made) as there is no guarantee that the Panel will grant an extension.

Absence for maternity reasons is protected under the Equality Act and therefore maternity leave is not counted towards the maximum period of registration. More information is available in the Pregnancy and Maternity Policy.

Students who are unable to complete their programme before their maximum period of registration expires, and who have not received an extension, will have their registration terminated.

What you need to know

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Before applying

Before applying for an extension to your period of registration, please read the following documents carefully:

Speak to your Programme Team if you have any queries regarding your registration period or how it is calculated.

How to apply

Please download the Registration Extension Application form (Word) and submit to the Student Conduct and Compliance Team, along with any supporting documentation. 

 A Panel will be convened to consider your application and the Panel will decide whether to extend your registration period. Extensions are normally for a period of up to one year.

Submit your completed application form outlining why you require additional time to complete your programme, along with any supporting documentation, to the Student Conduct and Compliance Team
Mail: Student Conduct and Compliance Team, St George’s University of London, Governance, Legal and Assurance Services, Ground Floor, Hunter Wing, London, SW17 0RE

Please ensure that your statement includes a summary of progression on the programme to date.

Example for MBBS4 where a maximum of 6 years of registration is permitted (4+2):
Example for MBBS4 where a maximum of 6 years of registration is permitted
2012/13 – Year 1 - failed BCS Exam (1st att). Passed BCS Exam (2nd att) FIRST YEAR REGISTRATION 
2013/14 – T Year – failed OSCE and YSKT (1st att) SECOND YEAR REGISTRATION
2014/15 - IOS (personal reasons) THIRD YEAR REGISTRATION
2015/16 – IOS (maternity IoS) (MATERNITY LEAVE)
2016/17 - T Year – repeat year in full. Failed OSCE and YSKT (2nd att) FOURTH YEAR REGISTRATION

Apply to Discretionary Panel for a third and final repeat of T Year. NB no longer possible to complete within six academic years. 

Projections for completion (if 3rd attempt granted by EPR panel)
PROJECTIONS FOR COMPLETION (if 3rd attempt granted by discretionary panel)
2017/18  T Year (3rd att) FIFTH YEAR REGISTRATION 

Please attach all your documentation as one PDF document when submitting by email. If you are submitting a hard copy, please do not staple documents together or place in a file.

When to apply

Statements should be submitted at least six weeks prior to the end of the registration period. However, we would recommend that applications are made as soon as you are aware that you will not be able to complete the Programme within the designated timeframe.

Students will be notified of the outcome within six weeks of submitting their application statement. If the outcome of an application will determine whether you apply to defer an assessment or take an Interruption of Study, you should be aware that you may not know the panel's decision when reaching your decision. This is why you are strongly advised not to delay making an application.

Applications will not normally be considered from students who have already exceeded the maximum period of study.

Support and advice

The President of Welfare and the Education and Walfare Support Officer are able to meet with students to guide them through the operation of the student procedures and provide general advice and support.

Students and staff with Equality and Inclusion queries should contact Sanjana Panchagnula (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Adviser).

All St George’s students can access an external online support service called Togetherall. This service is available 24/7 and is completely anonymous. They also offer a number of self-guided support courses. More information about Togetherall can be found on the University’s Togetherall webpage and in the following resources:


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