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IMBE is a diverse and friendly institute, committed to creating and sustaining an environment where excellence is nurtured and celebrated. We wish to foster a positive cultural climate in which all staff and students can flourish and develop a sense of community that is inclusive and respectful. 

Information for staff

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How to apply for conference and development funds
Education Staff Conference Fund

The Education Staff Conference Fund offers support to individuals who want to present or attend a conference related to their area of work. Applications are considered at regular intervals throughout the year, and are open to academic and professional services staff.

Education Staff Development Fund Scheme 

St George’s is committed to providing opportunities for staff to develop the skills they need to be successful in their role and to further develop their careers. A range of training opportunities are provided via Human Resources. 

In addition, IMBE has a small annual fund, the IMBE Staff Development Funding Scheme (SDFS), to which staff can apply for funding to cover all or part of the cost of completing training and development opportunities offered by external providers. 

Making recruitment requests – Resourcing Review Committee (RRC) 

The RRC is a central St George's committee that considers staff resourcing (recruitment) requests to ensure the organisation is appropriately resourced in terms of capacity and capability, in line with organisational priorities. Managers should refer to the RRC terms of reference (Word) for details as to the circumstances in which a request to RRC is required prior to recruitment, re-organisation or changes to existing posts.

Applications for IMBE staff must follow the agreed workflow (Powerpoint). You will need to complete an application form (Word). 

Mandatory training

Please complete the following training as applicable: 

All Employee Training
Mandatory TrainingMethod of DeliveryDepartment ResponsibleFrequencyDuration
Fire Safety Britsafe SHE Office Annually 20 mins
Equipment (DSE) Risk Assessment Britsafe SHE Office Annually 10 mins
Display Screen Equipment (DSE) e-learning Britsafe SHE Office Annually 30 mins
Information Security Essentials Canvas Information Services Annually 45 mins
Data Protection Briefing Canvas Information Services Annually 50 mins
General Health, Safety and Environmental Awareness Britsafe SHE Office Every 2 Years 25 mins
Prevent Canvas Information Services Every 2 Years 40 mins
Manual Handling Britsafe SHE Office Every 3 Years 20 mins
Personal Safety Britsafe SHE Office Every 3 Years 20 mins
Diversity in the Workplace LearnUpon HR (Diversity & Inclusion) Every 3 Years 25 mins
Unconcious Bias LearnUpon or workshop HR (Diversity & Inclusion) Every 3 Years 25 mins
Digital Accessibility Canvas Information Services Every 3 Years 45 mins

Download this document on mandatory training for further instructions on accessing the training sites and troubleshooting profiles (Word).

Line Managers
Mandatory TrainingMethod of DeliveryDepartment Responsible 
Stress Management Britsafe SHE Office


Employees involved with recruitment interviewing
Mandatory TrainingMethod of Delivery Department Responsible 
Recruitment & Selection Training Workshop (booking via MyWorkplace) HR (Business Partners)


Academic staff with less than 3 year's teaching experience
Mandatory TrainingMethod of Delivery  Department Responsible 
PgCert HBE Workshops CIDE
Education Life e-newsletter

The e-Newsletter is a source of news and information for staff across IMBE, Education Operations, and the Education Strategy and Development Office. It is released monthly and covers issues such as upcoming events, starters and leavers, Edufocus events, library news, awards received, and general notices.  

Previous issues 





Submission guidelines

Submissions are accepted until the last Friday of the month. Please send your submissions, or any questions, to Samma Durand. Submissions should be of about 200 words, and include pictures if possible. In order to keep the volume of emails sent to the entire institute down, we prefer to submit items to the newsletter rather than broadcast them if possible.


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