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COVID-19 Update – We are working hard to ensure our processes adapt in line with the impact of Covid-19. Read our latest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for more information.

When admitting students to study and practise on healthcare courses, St George’s has an obligation to provide a safe environment for both the patients that you will encounter and to you as a student. In order to do this, we require all healthcare students to complete our fitness to practise requirements, which consist of a DBS check and an occupational health check.

Completing your fitness to practise requirements is an important part of preparing to study at St George’s. You may not receive an unconditional offer or enrol if you have not completed both requirements.

Please note, you are responsible for covering all costs associated with the fitness to practise requirements of the course.

Courses that require a fitness to practise check


Diagnostic Radiography BSc

Healthcare Science BSc

Medicine (MBBS)

Graduate Entry Medicine (MBBS)

Occupational Therapy BSc

Paramedic Science BSc

Physiotherapy BSc

Therapeutic Radiography BSc


Physiotherapy MSc (pre-registration)

Physician Associate Studies MPAS

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check

The DBS Enhanced Disclosure application will need to be completed before the course begins to ensure that it is up to date when teaching commences. If you have any convictions, you should have informed us of these on the St George’s self-disclosure form that you submitted at your interview. If that was the case, you will be contacted separately and asked to provide a statement which will be assessed by an internal panel. The outcome of this assessment will determine whether you meet the DBS clearance condition of your offer.

Having a criminal conviction may not exclude you from joining the course but we have a duty to the public to exclude applicants who have convictions for violent offences or offences against children or vulnerable adults.

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Next steps - UK offer holders
  1. Carefully read the Online Disclosures’ Applicant User Guide.
  2. Once you have fully read the guidelines, use the relevant PIN and secret word below to register for the online application.
  3. Enter your personal details, and confirm and submit your DBS application.
  4. Verify your documents at a local Post Office.
  5. Join the DBS Update Service to prevent you from having to obtain another DBS check in the future.
  6. Keep an eye on your inbox for emails regarding your DBS status. Once your DBS check has been passed, your applicant portal will update to reflect this. Please note, there is sometimes a delay whilst we update the system, so we appreciate your patience.
A list of the DBS secret words and pin numbers needed to complete a UK DBS check
 Course Secret word PIN
 Healthcare Science BSc  HCS2014  134671
 Medicine MBBS  MBBS2014  134674
Occupational Therapy BSc  Therapy  159828
Physician Associate Studies MPAS  PHYA2014  134584
 Physiotherapy BSc and MSc  PHYSIO2014  134578
 Paramedic Science BSc  PARASCI2014  134580
Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiography BSc  RADIO2014  134667
Next steps - Offer holders outside of the UK
Offer holders who are currently outside of the UK are required to obtain an in-country police check, as well as a UK DBS check.

1. In-country police check

The process for obtaining an in-country police check differs from country to country, however, you will be required to obtain a check if you have lived outside of the UK for 12 months or more. This can be a continuous period, or the total amount of time and applies to the last 10 years, whilst you have been over the age 18. This also applies if you have been studying in the UK, but permantly reside ourside of the UK. Further information on obtaining an in-country police check is available the DBS website . Once you have obtained your in-country police check, please send a copy to the Admissions team on, who are also able to help should you have any questions.

2. UK DBS check

Once you have arrived in the UK, you will be asked to complete a UK DBS. We will contact you about this requirement, and you do not need to do anything at this time.

DBS requirements in light of Covid-19

We understand that the outbreak of Covid-19 may impact on your ability to complete the DBS requirement. Below is an outline of the things in place to try to make this process as simple as possible during this uncertain time.

  • Most of the DBS process can be completed online, but you will need attend a post office in order to have your documents verified.
  • Post Office branches are working to provide its customers with a Covid-safe environment with 2 metre distancing and screens for their staff. You can read more about staying safe during your ID verification on the Post Office website.
  • If you are clinically vulnerable, or are shielding, please email the Admissions team to discuss your situation.

Frequently asked questions

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When should I apply for a DBS check?

Submit your DBS check via the Post Office in time for it to be received by 31 July 2020. Please note, you may not receive an unconditional offer if you have not completed your DBS check.

How much does it cost to complete a DBS check and do I have to pay?

All healthcare professionals have to be DBS cleared under the Vulnerable Groups Act 2006, therefore it is a requirement that you have completed your DBS before being permitted to start the programme. You are required to complete and pay for your own DBS check prior to joining the programme.

DBS checkPost office verificationAdmin feeTotal cost





These costs associated with your DBS application were correct at time of publishing, but may be subject to small increases.

Where can I get my documents verified?

Documents must be verified at the Post Office. When completing your application, please ensure you select the ‘Verify at Post Office' option. Not all Post Offices are authorised to check identity documents. Use the local Post Office Branch Finder to confirm, and make sure you select ‘DBS ID Validation Service’ from the 'Choose a service' drop down list.


I do not currently live in the UK. How can I get my documents verified?

You do not need to complete this exercise until you arrive in the UK. Students who do not reside in the UK will need to apply for this as soon as they have attended enrolment. However, you must provide your in-country police check prior to arriving in the country. Further information regarding obtaining a police check from other countries is available on the DBS website. Please contact the Admissions team if you have any questions.

What is the Update Service?

The DBS Update Service enables you to keep your disclosure certificates up to date online for just £13 per year. All applicants must apply for the Update Service. Clinical placements often require students to produce a current DBS check. Registering for the Update Service will save you money and time in the long term. The deadline for applying for the Update Service is 19 calendar days after your disclosure certificate issue date (top right-hand corner). After 19 days you would not be eligible to use the Update Service.

You can apply for the Update Service online, and if you have any questions about applying for the Update Service, you can contact the DBS directly on +44(0)870 90 90 811.

What happens if I do not apply for the Update Service?

You are likely to be required to complete a new DBS each year and will incur full costs.

How will I know if I am DBS cleared?

You will receive your disclosure certificate in the post. It is very important that you keep your certificate safe as copies are not available.

How long will it take to be processed?

The length of time taken for the DBS to process checks varies considerably. It may take longer for checks to be completed in cases where the police are required to conduct additional checks, so it is important you apply for your DBS as soon as possible.

I forgot to start my DBS application. What do I do?

You may not receive an unconditional offer, and if you do, you will not be permitted to enrol, even provisionally, if you have not started your application. Any delays in completing your DBS may result in delays to you joining the programme, inability to participate in clinical placements or withdrawal. You are therefore encouraged to start your DBS application immediately and take your documents to the Post Office for verification as soon as possible. You are expected to have submitted your DBS application in time for it to be received by 31 July. Failure to do so may result in a delay in receiving an unconditional offer even if you meet the academic conditions of your offer.

What if I already have a DBS certificate from a previous job/volunteering role?

We require all new applicants to undertake a new DBS check through our process. If you have a previous DBS and have signed up to the Update Service, please email us a copy of your most recent DBS certificate with an email giving permission for us to check your DBS status against the Update Service. If you have the correct coverage and are signed up to the Update Service, you may be exempt from obtaining another DBS check.

Do I need to do this check if I am deferred?
Deferred from 2019, to enrol in 2020

If you have deferred entry and are due to start your course in 2020, you may not need to complete another DBS check. If you completed a DBS check last year, and have signed up to the Update Service, please email us a copy of your most recent DBS certificate with an email giving permission for us to check your DBS status against the Update Service. If you have the correct coverage and are signed up to the Update Service, you may be exempt from obtaining another DBS check.

Deferred from 2020, to enrol in 2021

If you have deferred your offer and are due to start your course in 2021, please still complete your DBS check as detailed above, as this is a condition of your offer. If you also join the Update Service, in 2021, we will be able to check your DBS status and you may be exempt from obtaining another DBS check.

I am on holiday, what shall I do?

All applicants must complete a DBS check by 31 July, and unfortunately, as part of the process is an identity check, you’re unable to ask someone else to submit your DBS check on your behalf. Please make sure you complete the DBS process before going on holiday, and contact the Admissions team if you are unable to have the check submitted by the deadline. It remains your responsibility to meet this requirement, and without a DBS check submission, you may not be issued an unconditional offer, or allowed to enrol.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about applying for a DBS check?

Any questions about the application process, please contact Online Disclosures' online support team by email, or by phone on 0845 251 5000 (Monday-Friday 8.30am-5.30pm).

 Helpful tips

  • Keep your contact details up to date on UCAS track, or applicant portal if you’ve applied directly.

  • Try to avoid using a school, university or employer email address as your email address as you might lose access before enrolment.

  • Keep an eye on your email and check it regularly. This is how we generally keep in touch, so look out for any emails.

  • Remember to submit your occupational health form too.

Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you need any help. You can email us or call +44 (0)20 8266 6285.


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