The Global Health and Mental Health MSc is designed for individuals who want to develop an understanding of the attempts to improve mental health worldwide. Through this programme students will participate in a critical analysis of cultural frameworks and socio-historic discourses in the context of mental health.

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  One year, full time; two years, part time

Please apply by 30 June for your best chance to secure a place on this course

  Study location: St George's, University of London
  UK, EU and non-EU (international) citizens may apply

Although mental health is becoming more prominent as a healthcare topic, addressing mental health has been a neglected and overlooked aspect of healthcare. In many societies around the globe, experiences related to the mind are not conceptualised as a health issue. Developing mental health infrastructure as part of global health systems is a contemporary encounter with important conceptual and ethical questions. At the same time, increased globalisation is bringing forth travelling cultures and traditional understandings about mental illness. Orthodox healthcare practitioners and policy-makers are responding to phenomena such as spirit possession, accusations of child witchcraft, curses, and forced exorcisms. Exploring culture and mental health questions fundamental aspects of our existence such as our identity, customs, and symbolisms against the backdrop of a human rights discourse and the need to address treatment gaps in global mental health.

Global health is a broad discipline that attracts multidisciplinary involvement from those who wish to pursue an internationally focused career in development, policy, education, research or humanitarian relief. This will include doctors and other health professionals, as well as a range of people with an interest in governance, management, law, politics, economics, policy, science, anthropology, philosophy and ethics. 

This Global Health MSc is a broad-ranging practical and clinical course that covers many different aspects of global health practice and policy. We have excellent local, regional and international links, enabling our students to complete global health projects in many different locations around the world. The university also shares its campus with one of the largest NHS teaching hospitals and many world-leading clinicians teach on our courses. 

This stimulating and vibrant programme will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to understand, interpret and help solve critical global health challenges, empowering you to pursue an exciting international career as a global health practitioner or policy maker. The programme will also give you the ability to make a real difference to the pursuit of health equity and global social justice.


  • The flexible structure of the MSc Global Health suite allows you to select a specialism of your choice
  • Excellent academic connections for potential placements in London and overseas
  • Students from a range of backgrounds creates a diverse learning community where knowledge is shared across disciplines
  • Enjoy working with other students, researchers and clinicians as part of a small, close-knit team, with all the advantages that brings for personal networking and development

 Tuition Fees*

2020 UK/EU:

  • Full-time MSc: £11,000
  • Part-time MSc: £5,500 per annum

2020 Non-EU (International):

  • Full-time MSc: £21,500
  • Part-time MSc: £11,250 per annum

*Fees are reviewed annually in line with St George's tuition fee policy.

Funding your study

We have a range of funding opportunities available for students. You may be eligible for:

For more information on funding opportunities see Fees and funding.

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