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Who we are

Members of the Section for Interdisciplinary Studies come from a variety of academic backgrounds, both clinical and non-clinical. We are united in our interest in interdisciplinary understanding. We provide teaching opportunities for students that enhance their appreciation of diverse and multiple perspectives on the core topics of biomedical science and medicine.

Meet the team

  • Professor Annie Bartlett: offender healthcare, institutional cultures of care.

  • Dr Linda Perkins Porras: behavioural medicine and psychology, stress, wellbeing and resilience.

  • Dr Iain Crinson: sociology of health, health policy.

  • Dr Cyrus Abbasian: addictive behaviour in patients and doctors, dual diagnosis.

  • Dr James Erskine: psychology, stress in the workplace.

  • Dr Deborah Padfield: medical humanities, visual arts and the communication of pain.

What we do

You will find members of the section teaching on a range of St George's courses across all years using different teaching formats. We offer specific teaching on our areas of interest as specialist modules in the iBSc, a number of SSC modules in years 2, 4 and 5 of the MBBS and in the new Openspaces programme. 

Opportunities for students for independent study or collaborative work are available on the following topics covered by members of the section:

  • professional and managerial practice in health care systems

  • biomedical science in contemporary society

  • patients and service user understandings of illness and disease

  • stress, burn out, wellbeing and resilience in healthcare staff and students

  • stigma and mental health problems

  • multimedia representations of illness and disease

  • psychology and psychiatry

  • behavioural medicine
  • fine art and medicine: interdisciplinary theory and practice

  • LGBT experience of healthcare

  • gender issues in the criminal justice system.


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