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What we do

The Clinical Teachers section is St George’s home for senior hospital doctors or clinicians based in the community with core roles in undergraduate medical (MBBS) education. We all have active clinical roles as well, mainly in hospitals including St George’s and other associated NHS trusts across a range of disciplines including medical and surgical specialities, psychiatry and anaesthetics.

We also contribute to a range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses for medical and allied healthcare professionals locally, as well as at other UK centres and internationally, and link with clinical teachers in the hospitals supporting our programs. Research interests are also broad ranging, in our own specialist clinical areas as well as in education.

You will see that whatever your speciality, if you are passionate about delivering high quality education for our future medical workforce, there could be a role for you. As well as expertise in educational areas such as e-learning, assessment and medical education globally , you will see clinical teachers who are also research active in field such as epilepsy, orthopaedics, patient experience, metabolic medicine, clinical pharmacology and more.

We work alongside a large body of NHS clinicians in partner trusts and primary care helping support our student’s learning experience whilst on their clinical placements, as well as delivering assessments and examinations. Contributing to teaching and training doctors and students is a fundamental part of being a doctor, only a tiny minority of whom have core university roles. We have established relationships with educational leads at all our partner hospitals, and support those active in education throughout or network, including through our clinical teachers’ day and honorary academic contract processes.

Who we are

Section heads.


Hannah Cock
(Section head)


Alex Trompeter
(Section head)

A list of Clinical Teachers

KH_photoKevin Hayes

SB_photoShehla Baig

DB_photo Debasish Banerjee

SK_photo Sarah Krishnanandan

NA_photo Nicholas Annear

BA_photo Benjamin Ayres

LS_photo Leighton Seal

AO_photo Aileen O'Brien

JR_photoJonathan Round

YO_photo Yee Ean Ong

GN_photo Grainne Nicholson

CS_photo Clare Shoults

Unknown Mark Cottee



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