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The Equality Act: Inclusive Education involves creating equality for groups with the following characteristics: race, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment, disability, religion and belief, marriage, civil partnership, paternity and maternity, and age. 

Student-centredness: A core idea that underpins Inclusive Education is ‘student-centredness.’ A student-centred approach to instructional approaches and procedures/processes can help make students feel valued and can also lead to a greater appreciation of intersectionality.  

Communities of Practice: Establishing Communities of Practice will help set the scene for identifying areas of good inclusive education, as well as develop the momentum needed for sustaining change. Work is needed to consider relationships with student communities and ensure that the university seeks new ways to nurture community/communities focused on inclusive education.   

Staff reflection: Questions on inclusivity and diversity have been added on the Performance and Development Review/Appraisal) PDR Form for staff. Now that these questions on diversity and inclusion have been added to the PDR Form, they present a valuable opportunity for conversations and offer support for staff to develop and share their approaches to inclusive education.   

Student Advisors: Students Advisors are engaged to work on projects and in certain roles. Examples of projects are reviewing the content and design of modules, providing reflective insights and recommendations on aspects of the student experience. Student Advisors are paid for their time. Staff are then invited to create a reflective case study of what the issue was, what they did, the impact, and what they would do differently. Case studies will be used to further develop the scheme, but also serve as examples for other staff and students to consider how they improve their practice. 

If you have any questions or wish to find out more, please get in touch with David Ross, Lecturer in Inclusive Education or 


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