By combining theoretical knowledge with practical experience, this course explores concepts, principles and theories of occupational science, human development, anatomy, physiology, and psychology to develop a strong foundation to practice as an Occupational Therapist. You will develop excellent communication skills and learn to work collaboratively with a range of clients, carers and communities to meet their goals.

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Year one is primarily university based, although you will complete your first practice placement. Collaborative inter-professional education, with other health care students, helps you develop invaluable communication and team-building skills and appreciate the roles of other professionals.

In year two you will build on your understanding of theoretical concepts and learn skills to deliver Occupational Therapy with a variety of clients in physical or mental health services, and with clients with learning disabilities or children. You will complete two practice placements, an opportunity to put theory into practice and develop your skills further.

A comprehensive research project in year three also puts your analytical skills to the test, and you will complete another practice placement where you will work with greater autonomy and competency.

Modules include:

Note: The modules listed here are indicative. The actual modules available to students when they enrol, may be subject to change.

Year 1
Essentials for Allied Health Professionals
Factors Influencing Professional Practice
Foundations of Occupational Therapy
Occupation for health and Wellbeing
Practice Placement 1
Year 2
Research methods in Health and Social Care
Enabling Occupational Performance
Occupations in Context
Human Occupation across the Lifespan
Practice Placements 2 & 3
Year 3
Research in Practice
Promoting Occupation in Contemporary Practice
Reflection, Evaluation and Outcome Measurement for Occupational Therapists
Inter-professional Debates/Management
Practice Placement 4

Assessing your progress

Methods include a combination of written and practical examinations, academic coursework (including reports and presentations) and assessment of Occupational Therapy skills whilst on placement. In your final year, we ask you to produce a problem-based report on an aspect of interdisciplinary practice, a group research project, and a poster related to contemporary Occupational Therapy practice.

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