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The Neuroscience and Cell Biology Research Institute is led by Professor Franklyn Howe. 

We have strong links with clinicians and clinical academics at St George’s University Hospital Trust, emphasizing translational research facilitated by the Neurosciences Clinical Academic Group (CAG) and the Genetics CAG, led by clinical academics within our institute.

In our neuroscience research, we aim to enhance our understanding of neurological disorders, leading to improved diagnosis and treatments. We focus on various conditions such as dementias, cerebrovascular disease, traumatic brain injury, brain tumours, and neuromuscular disorders.

Research sections

The following research sections make up the Neuroscience and Cell Biology Research Institute.

Research sections for the Neurosciences and Cell Biology Research Institute.
Neuromodulation and Motor ControlMolecular and Cellular SciencesNeurological Disorders and Imaging 
Erlick Pereira Axel Nohturfft J Atticus Hainsworth
Francesca Morgante (HoS, deputy ID)  Anissa Chikh Camilla Clark
Glenn Nielsen Bridget Bax Catherine Doogan
Lucia Ricciardi Dot Bennett Davina Hensman-Moss
Marios Papadopoulos Elena Sviderskaya Emma Matthews
Mike Hart Ferran Valderrama J Franklyn Howe (ID)
Rahul Shah Katalin Török (HoS) Jeremy Isaacs
Samira Saadoun Mark Fisher Peter Garrard
  Soo-Hyun Kim Tom Barrick (HoS)
  Sue Cotterill Alexis Bailey J
  Tom Carter Hannah Cock J
  Francisco Miralles J  
  Suman Rice J  


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