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The Cardiovascular and Genomics Research Institute is led by Professor Elijah Behr.

Principal investigators cover a wide range of clinical and basic science with a heavy emphasis on translation to clinical impact. The Institute has internationally respected and recognised expertise in cardiovascular genomics, sports cardiology, cardiac pathology, cellular and small animal modelling focusing on the development of novel therapeutics, diagnostics and risk stratification, in particular for sudden cardiac death. We have strong links with the clinical services in St. George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust where much of our translational research occurs, supporting a strong portfolio of clinical trials and studies.

Research Sections

The following research sections make up the Cardiovascular and Genomics Research Institute. 

ID = Institute Director, HoS = Head of Section

Clinical Cardiology Experimental Cardiology Genomics Vascular Biology
Elijah Behr (ID) Angeliki Asimaki (HoS) Chris Carroll Anthony Albert
Gherardo Finocchiaro Giuseppe Rosano Daniel Osborn Asma Khalil
James Spratt Joseph Westaby Kristiana Gordon Daniel Meijles
Maite Tome Mark Specterman Lakshmi Ratnam Guy Whitley
Michail Papadakis Marta Futema Laura Southgate Iain Greenwood (HoS)
Mital Desai Mary Sheppard Peter Mortimer Isabelle Salles-Crawley
Robin Ray Yanushi Wijeyeratne Pia Ostergaard (HoS) Judith Cartwright
Sanjay Sharma (HoS)   Sahar Mansour Peter Holt
      Tarek Antonios

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