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Students who believe that their examination marks meet grounds for review may be eligible to request this under the Academic Appeal Procedure.

Before applying

Please be aware that there is no provision for appeal against academic judgement.

Before submitting an academic appeal, please read the following document carefully:

Students may also find it helpful to listen to the short video below, Academic Appeals: A Guide for Students.


In particular, please consider whether you meet the grounds for review as detailed in Paragraph 1.4 of the Procedure. Any application should clearly address how the ground(s) below apply.

Requests for review of marks can only be made on the following grounds:

  1. that the result as published was affected by an administrative error

  2. that the assessments and/or meeting of the Board of Examiners were not conducted in accordance with the scheme, regulations and approved procedures of St George’s

  3. that the student’s performance had been adversely affected by illness or other relevant factors which either the student had, for good reason, been unable to make known to the Board of Examiners at the appropriate time in accordance with General Regulation 11.11(v), or which the Board of Examiners had failed properly to take into account.

Dates of Board of Examiners Meetings can be found in the examination calendar.

Appealing Provisional Results (ie before a Board of Examiners Meeting)

Paragraph 2: Students who believe they have grounds for review of provisional results should inform the Chief or Responsible Examiner, Assessment or Module Lead or Examinations Team without delay. This will allow the Board of Examiners sufficient time to investigate concerns raised ahead of the Board of Examiners meeting.

Students presenting extenuating circumstances (GR14.1c) after entering an assessment are strongly advised to provide evidence to support their claims with reasoning for why they did not withdraw from the assessment prior to the test date. Students should provide full details of the circumstances they wish to be considered in the form of a written statement and should include a clear sentence requesting that the Chief or Responsible Examiner bring their extenuating circumstances to the attention of the Board of Examiners.

Appealing Ratified Results (ie after a Board of Examiners Meeting)

Submission of an Academic Appeals Form only applies to final ratified results that have been approved in a Board of Examiners meeting. If circumstances are known in advance of the Board of Examiners meeting then they should be presented in accordance with Paragraph 2.

Paragraph 3: Academic Appeals Forms should be submitted to the Student Conduct and Compliance Team within 10 working days of notification of Pass/Fail results following a Board of Examiners meeting. Students should NOT await receipt of result breakdown letters if these are issued via post. Applications submitted 'out-of time' will not be accepted on these grounds.

How to apply

Download the Academic Appeal Application Form (Word) and submit it to the Student Conduct and Compliance Team, along with any supporting documentation, within 10 working days of notification of the result/mark/ruling.

Support and advice

The Vice President for Education and Welfare is able to meet with students to guide them through the student procedures and provide general advice and support.

All St George’s students can access an external online support service called Togetherall. This service is available 24/7 and is completely anonymous. They also offer a number of self-guided support courses. More information about Togetherall can be found on the University’s Togetherall webpage and in the following resources:


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