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For use with online written assessments.

Statement of Academic Integrity 

I declare that:

  • I will complete this assessment myself.

  • I will not use unauthorised materials, information or devices to complete this assessment.

  • I will not copy from another student, or from another student’s assessment.

  • I will not engage another person to act as a proxy to take the examination or complete the assignment.

  • I will not copy or share any parts of the exam paper with others, nor will I discuss the content of the exam with anyone else until after the assessment window has closed (unless this is an approved group assessment).

  • I understand that the work I submit must be my own and any quotation from the published or unpublished works of other persons (including information available electronically) must be duly acknowledged. 

  • I understand that the exam paper is the intellectual property of St George’s (or of a professional, statutory, or regulatory body) and that cheating, ‘contract cheating’ (the practice of engaging a third-party to complete assignments), plagiarism, collusion and/or unapproved collaboration are serious assessment offences and will result in investigation and penalties. 

  • I understand that I am responsible for the above undertakings and that failure to follow them is a breach of St George’s procedures and regulations, specifically its ‘Rules for the Conduct of Candidates in Supervised Examinations’, its ‘Procedure for considering allegations of Assessment Irregularity’ and its ‘Procedure for Consideration of Fitness to Study or Practise’. 

Please be aware that in order to detect assessment offences, all papers uploaded into Canvas will be submitted through plagiarism checker software (Turnitin).

If you experience any difficulties during this assessment, please contact TELEPHONE NUMBER [DESIGNATED CONTACT FOR THE EXAM]. To log difficulties relating to technology or the exam platform, please contact


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