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If you are a manager looking to recruit a new member of staff, this page will guide you on how to recruit, including the authorisation required and the necessary forms and templates to use.


If you require any assistance with recruitment, please contact your HR business partner.

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Recruitment approval

Before recruiting a new member of staff you will need the relevant approval to recruit. All new and replacement posts of 3 months duration or longer and any changes to terms for existing post holders need approval from the Resourcing Review Committee (RRC).

In order for the RRC to consider a resourcing request, you must complete an approval form (Word) as well as a costing template (Excel). You should also prepare a draft job description (see tab below) for the RRC to consider.

For posts that do not require RRC approval, you will still require Finance approval. For grant funded roles you should seek approval from JRES.

Once you have approval to recruit you should complete a recruitment request form (Word) which should be sent to HR along with the final job description and job advert.

Job description

You should write a job description for the post you are advertising, to include the qualifications, skills and attributes that the successful candidate will require to perform the role. You should consider carefully which skills are essential and which are desirable; for example, is a certain qualification essential or could this be covered by relevant experience?

Job grading

New posts will generally need to be evaluated to confirm their grade. Occasionally it may be necessary to regrade existing posts if they have changed significantly.

St George’s uses the Higher Education Role Analysis (HERA) system in order to determine a post’s grade. HERA is a job evaluation scheme developed specifically for use in universities and higher education and uses a competencies-based questionnaire to systematically measure the size of a role. Your HR business partner can arrange for a role to be evaluated.

Advertising a role

Once you have obtained the necessary approval for your role and finalised the job description and grade, you should send your role to HR to be advertised. You should also draft a job advert for the role. See an example of a job advert (Word) and if you require assistance please contact HR.

Candidate selection

As a recruiting manager you will have access to St George’s jobs website, where you can score candidates’ applications and short-list for interviewing. As part of the selection process you should have a panel of interviewers – ideally three but at least two. Good practice would be to have a gender and ethnicity mix on the panel, if possible.  In order to ensure an ethnically diverse panel you are encouraged to include a Fair Recruitment Specialist on your panel.

You should ensure that you have evidence for why you chose your preferred candidate and be able to provide feedback to all candidates on why they were/were not successful. This may be a short summary of how they met the criteria for the role.

Once you have chosen your preferred candidate you should complete an authorisation of approval form (Word) in order for HR to commence the onboarding process for the successful candidate.

Starting salary 
Detailed guidance about starting salaries can be found in the starting salary policy.
Right to work

It is a legal requirement that St George’s checks new starters have a right to work in the UK before they commence work. See our guidance on making these checks (PDF) on read more on

Please contact if you are considering appointing an overseas worker.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Individuals in some roles will require a DBS check. This is required for staff in roles where they may have direct contact with children and vulnerable adults. See St George’s policy on DBS checks and a list of roles that require DBS checks. There may be other roles which a manager deems should have DBS checks.

Please contact HR to undertake a DBS check.

New starters should not commence employment until the DBS check is completed.

Work experience 

When approached with a request for work experience, managers should respond and, if appropriate, agree to the request. It is not necessary to refer the request to HR. Download our guidance on work experience (PDF)

Internally advertised roles

St George’s advertises all external vacancies on its dedicated jobs website.

Job advertised internally to staff at St George’s only will be advertised via email or on the internal job openings page.


The contract of employment will specify the probation period, which will be six or 12 months depending on the employee's role.

As a manager, you should review the probation midway through and at the end, prior to confirming completion. In order to be considered as having completed probation, the employee should undertake all the mandatory training outlined on the New Starters page.


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