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Dorothy C. Bennett

Professor of Cell Biology

Elena V. Sviderskaya

Senior Lecturer



Cell Biology Research Section,
Molecular and Clinical Sciences Research Institute,
Jenner Wing (Mailpoint J2A)
St George's, University of London
Cranmer Terrace
London SW17 0RE, UK

Cell Biology Research Section,
Molecular and Clinical Sciences Research Institute,
Jenner Wing (Mailpoint J2A)
St George's, University of London
Cranmer Terrace
London SW17 0RE, UK

Looking for our cell lines? See Functional Genomics Cell Bank

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Current group members
Our research interests

The melanocyte, or pigment cell, available in a range of pleasing, natural colours (including gold if you count fish!).

  • Its cancer - malignant melanoma (Not pleasing; a common, highly malignant and rapidly progressing disease.) Molecular genetics of melanoma.

  • The role of cell senescence and immortalisation in melanoma development and therapy, and in ageing.

  • Cell senescence and wound healing: possible therapeutic applications.

  • Genetics of melanocytes. Pigmentation is an attractive and accessible system for genetic study; for example over 350 genetic loci required for normal pigmentationare known in the mouse. The molecular, cellular and genetic basis of pigmentary defects, like vitiligo and Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome.

  • Development of melanocytes. Characterisation of the developmental precursors of melanocytes: melanoblasts and stem cells. Analysis and control of gene expression during differentiation. 

Current research topics

Melanocyte senescence and immortalisation: relations to genetics and progression in cutaneous malignant melanoma 

The therapeutic potential of cell senescence pathways 

Molecular genetics of pigmentation in mice and humans 

Control of differentiation and determination of immortal mouse neural crest-like stem cell lines 

The  Functional Genomics Cell Bank

Our research group maintains the Functional Genomics Cell Bank, Director Dr Elena Sviderskaya, Manager Philip Goff

The bank holds over 250 immortal lines of mammalian cells of various types, including: 

  • over 120 lines of mouse melanocytes, mostly carrying mutations at various pigmentary loci

  • 7 lines of mouse melanoblasts

  • around 40 lines of human melanoma cells from various stages of melanoma progression

  • 4 lines/10 sublines of immortalised normal human melanocytes

Many of these are freely available to researchers on request, with some restrictions on unpublished lines and lines obtained from other laboratories.

Most frequently requested line

melan-a a/a (nonagouti, black) mouse melanocytes, from C57BL/6 mice.  



Recent group publications
Original Papers

Chen, Q., Zhou, D., Abdel-Malek, Z., Zhang, F., Goff, P. S., Sviderskaya, E. V., Wakamatsu, K., Ito, S., Gross, S. S., & Zippin, J. H. (2021). Measurement of Melanin Metabolism in Live Cells by [U-13C]-L-Tyrosine Fate Tracing Using Liquid Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry. J Invest Dermatol, 141(7), 1810-1818.e6.

Le, L., Escobar, I. E., Ho, T., Lefkovith, A. J., Latteri, E., Haltaufderhyde, K. D., Dennis, M. K., Plowright, L., Sviderskaya, E. V., Bennett, D. C., Oancea, E., & Marks, M. S. (2020). SLC45A2 protein stability and regulation of melanosome pH determine melanocyte pigmentation. Mol Bio Cell, 31(24), 2687–2702.

Patel S, Wilkinson CJ and Sviderskaya EV (2020) Loss of both CDKN2A and CDKN2B allows for centrosome overduplication in melanoma. J Invest Dermatol140(9): 1837–1846.e1.

Alzahofi N, Welz T, Robinson CL, Page EL, Briggs DA, Stainthorp AK, Reekes J, Elbe DA, Straub F, Kallemeijn WW, Tate EW, Goff PS, Sviderskaya EV,Cantero M, Montoliu L, Nedelec F, Miles AK, Bailly M, Keerkhoff E and Hume AN (2020) Rab27a co-ordinates actin-dependent transport by controlling organelle-associated motors and track assembly proteins. Nature Comms 11:3495. 

Zhang Y, Takahashi Y, Hong HP, Liu F, Bednarska J, Goff PS, Novak P, Shevchuk A, Gopal S, Barozzi IG, Magnani L, Sakai H, Suguru Y, Fujii T, Erofeev A, Gorelkin P, Majouga A, Weiss DJ, Edwards C, Ivanov A, Klenerman D, Sviderskaya EV*, Edel JB and Korchev YE (2019) High-resolution label-free 3D mapping of extracellular pH of living cells. Nature Comms 10:5610.

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Norton EJ, Bridges LR, Kenyon LC, Esiri MM, Bennett DC and Hainsworth AH (2019) Cell senescence and cerebral small vessel disease in the brains of people aged 80 years and older . J Neuropathol Exp Neurol 78 , 1066-1072.

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Kohli JS, Mir H, Wasif A, Chong H, Akhras V, Kumar R, Nagore E and Bennett DC (2017) ETS1, nucleolar and non-nucleolar TERT expression in nevus to melanoma progression. Oncotarget 104408-17.

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Web publication

Bennett DC, Hayward NK, Nathan N, Orlic-Milacic M and Rizos H (2019) Diseases of cellular senescence . In: Reactome - a curated knowledgebase of biological pathways 69. DOI: 10.3180/R-HSA-9630747.1 


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DOI: 10.1002/9780470015902.a0027340.

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Selected earlier papers (most cited):

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Sorry, no vacancies at present.

We are always interested to hear from bright and creative researchers who are thinking about applying for their own funding/ fellowships on topics related to ours, and need a host lab.

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