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Professor Peter Garrard

A picture of peter garrardProfessor of Neurology, an Honorary Consultant Neurologist at St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. His research focuses on the effects of neurodegenerative disorders on spoken and written language using computational methods that include machine learning and natural language processing in order to acquire and understand the big datasets of interest (such as large text collections, speeches, etc.). His interests include retrospective language analysis of language samples and texts, including those from historical figures. Founder and Head of Garrard’s Lab in St George’s University of London.

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Professor Eugene Sadler-Smith

A picture of eugene-sadler-smithProfessor of Organizational Behaviour, Surrey Business School, University of Surrey, United Kingdom, with main research interests are: Intuition in decision making; Hubris in leadership. His research has been published in various CABS-listed 3, 4, and 4*journals and his latest book, Hubristic Leadership (with a Foreword by Lord Owen) was published in 2019 (SAGE, 204pp.). He has written a number of other books including Learning and Development for Managers (Blackwell, 2006, 470pp.), Inside Intuition (Routledge, 2008, 352pp.) and The Intuitive Mind (John Wiley and Sons, 2010, 324pp.). The latter has been translated into Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Russian, and was shortlisted for the Chartered Management Institute’s ‘Management Book of Year’ award in 2010 (the winner was Mintzberg’s Managing). Also, he has contributed invited chapters to various handbooks (most recently as section editor for the Springer Handbook of Virtue Ethics in Business and Management).

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Prof. Dr. (Univ. Simon Bolivar) Maria-Esther Vidal

A picture of maria esther vidalHead of Scientific Data Management Research Group. Prof. Dr. (Univ. Simon Bolivar) Maria-Esther Vidal is the head of the Scientific Data Management Research Group at TIB and a member of the L3S Research Centre at the University of Hannover; she is also a full professor (retired) at Universidad Simón Bolívar (USB) Venezuela. Her interests include Big data and knowledge management, knowledge representation, and semantic web.  She has published more than 170 peer-reviewed papers in Semantic Web, Databases, Bioinformatics, and Artificial Intelligence. She has co-authored one monograph, and co-edited books and journal special issues. She is part of various editorial boards (e.g., JWS, JDIQ), and has been the general chair, co-chair, senior member, and reviewer of several scientific events and journals (e.g., ESWC, AAAI, AMW, WWW, KDE). She is leading data management tasks in the EU H2020 projects CLARIFY, iASiS, BigMedylitics, PLATOON, and QualiChain, and has participated in BigDataEurope, BigDataOcean. She is a supervisor of MSCA-ETN project NoBIAS, and in the past also supervised students in WDAqua. She has been a visiting professor in different universities (e.g., Uni Maryland, UPM Madrid, UPC, KIT Karlsruhe, Uni Nantes). In the past, she has participated in international projects (e.g., FP7, NSF, AECI), and led industrial data integration projects for more than 10 years (e.g., Bell South, Telefonica).

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Dr Vita Akstinaitė

IMG-81601Head of MSc Global Leadership and Strategy; Lecturer in Leadership at ISM University of Management and Economics in Vilnius, Lithuania. Dr. Akstinaitė holds a master’s degree in Organisational Psychology from King’s College London (UK) and a PhD in Business from the University of Surrey (UK), where she was working on identifying linguistic markers of leader hubris. Currently, her research focuses on using at-a-distance analysis methods, including artificial intelligence, to assess specific aspects of one’s leadership behaviour or verbal patterns. She is also researching the future of leadership topic. Dr. Akstinaitė is also a co-founder of a research initiative ‘The Hubris Hub,’ which raises awareness on leadership hubris and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration. She has worked in and presented her research internationally, including in the UK, Australia, Portugal, the US and other countries.

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Dr Ben Worthy

Senior Lecturer in Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London. His research focuses on British political leadership, as well as freedom of information and Government transparency. He has developed the Leadership Capital Index to measure the authority of leaders (with Mark Bennister and Paul t'Hart) which was the basis for an article in West European Politics and an edited collection which applied the Index to different leaders, 'The Leadership Capital Index: a new perspective on leadership', which was published by OUP in 2017. He has also applied the Index to Theresa May in 2020 in an article in British Politics. His extensive contributions to edited collections, scholarly journals and conferences include empirical studies and commentaries on topics ranging from open data to the leadership capital of current and former political leaders, both in the UK and USA. Public engagement activities include active blogs on Political Leadership and Transparency and a podcast series ('Westminster Watch', which he co-hosts with Dermot Hodson).

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Dr Eleftherios Samaras

Terry-Samaras-250x250Dr Samaras is an experienced data scientist having worked in several Machine Learning projects throughout his career. He has five years' postdoctoral experience working with large datasets and implementing techniques that are highly relevant to the current project, including sentiment analysis and Natural Language Processing (NLP). He moved to SGUL from the University of Leicester to work in Prof Garrard's research group in early 2017 and has been a highly valued researcher. In September 2018 he presented a longitudinal NLP pilot study of President Trump's Twitter activity, at a closed meeting of the Maudsley Philosophy Group. He has collaborated with Professor Vidal over the past three years and has a good understanding of the knowledge graph approach to data representation and analysis.

Giuseppe Sollazzo

Giuseppe is Deputy Director, Head of AI Skunkworks, in the NHS AI Lab at NHSX. He studied Computer Science at the University of Bologna and began a PhD at Imperial College London, leaving in 2009 to become the IT lead at St George's, University of London. During this period, he was a member of the Technical Standards Board and the Open Data User Group at the Cabinet Office. In December 2018 he was appointed Head of Data at the UK's Department for Transport where, inter alia, he led the development of the Transport Data Strategy, automated data engineering and reproducible analytical pipelines. While at St George's, Mr Sollazzo created 'parli-n-grams' - a web-based app for investigating the frequency with which specific words and phrases are used by UK Members of Parliament in House of Commons debates. He developed close links with Professor Garrard's research group, contributing to the development of machine learning approaches to language analysis, in particular a longitudinal pilot study of President Trump's Twitter activity, which was presented at a closed meeting of the Maudsley Philosophy Group in September 2018. Mr Sollazzo's input into informal discussions and detailed reviews of the project proposal contributed greatly to its development.

Gabriela Ydler

A photo of Gabriela YdlerGabriela is a student assistant in the Scientific Data Management group in Hannover, where she supports the group with the dissemination of the different projects through social media. She studied “Social Communications” at Universidad Santa María in Venezuela and she is currently studying her Bachelor in the area “Anthropology of Latin America” at Universität Bonn.

Luis Vidal

Luis_Vidal_ImagenLuis Alberto Vidal is a Political Scientist from the Central University of Venezuela, with graduate studies in Political Science and a Specialization in Data Analysis in Social Sciences.

Luis Alberto has 17 years of professional experience; he has specialized academically and professionally in analyzing the Venezuelan political system and public opinion in Latin America and political communication.

Moreover, Luis Alberto has extensive experience in scenario planning and strategic management of technical teams to support the decision-making of leaders and businesses and trade and political institutions.

Overall, Luis Alberto has participated in the design, execution, and analysis of more than 850 investigations in Venezuela and other Latin American countries, including Ecuador, Bolivia, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Paraguay, and Aruba.

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