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The aim of our seminar series is to broaden knowledge and stimulate new collaborations and interactions through the sharing of ieas and cutting-edge research.  Our speakers are drawn from established International leaders in their fields and younger investigators starting out on their careers.

Seminars in 2021


Previous seminars

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6th January 2020 Snail coiling: CRISPR editing of a single gene turns righties into lefties

J1.4 Professor Dr. Reiko Kuroda (Chubu University, Japan)

Host: Professor Mark Fisher

27th January 2020 Novel sources of endothelial cells for blood vessels and lymphatics

Dr Christiana Ruhrberg (UCL)

Host: Pia Ostergaard

10th February 2020 The role of biomechanical stress signalling in inherited cardiac diseases

J1.5 Dr. Katja Gehmlich

(University of Birmingham)

Host: Yalda Jamishidi

24th February 2020 Junctional control of endothelial cell migration

J1.4 Dr Tom Nightingale

(William Harvey Institute, Guys Uni)

Host: Tom Carter

9th March 2020 Rab46 integrates GTPase and Ca2+ signals for stimuli-dependent Weibel-Palade body trafficking

J1.5 Dr Lynn McKeown (University of Leeds).

Host: Tom carter

23th March Exploiting the mechanisms of DNA topoisomerases to develop antibacterial agents Postponed

J1.5 Professor Tony Maxwell (John Innes Center)

Host: Tom Carter/Mark Fisher

20th April A decade of demented mice: from brainwaves to blood flow

Prof. Andrew Randall (Exeter University) Postponed

Host: Atticus Hainsworth


15 June

Dr Robin Walters

(Oxford Uni)

Host: Andrew Walley

29 June Piecing together the human cilium – genetics of rare motile ciliopathies

MS Teams

Prof. Hannah Mitchison

(UCL Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health)

Host: Tom Carter


28th January 2019 Von Willebrand factor release from Weibel-Palade bodies: How to unpack a vascular emergency kit

J1.14 Dr Ruben Bierings

(Erasmus Medical centre, Rotterdam)

Host: Tom Carter

11th February 2019 Ciliogenesis and cell polarity using zebrafish models

J1.12 Dr Jarema Malicki (cancelled due to tragic death of speaker)

(Sheffield University)

Host: Tom Carter

25th February 2019 Dissecting the secretory pathway using functional genomics

J1.12 Dr Andrew Peden

(Sheffield Uni)

Host: Tom Carter

11th March 2019 Genetics and Genomics of the China Kadoorie Biobank

J1.12 Dr Robin Walters

(Oxford University)

Host: Andrew Walley

25th March 2019 Molecular control of endosomal protein sorting/trafficking

J1.12 Prof. Pete Cullen

(Bristol University)

Host: Tom Carter

10th June 2019 Short telomeres and age-related disease: innocent bystanders or guilty culprits?


Dr Jess Buxton (Kingston University)

Host: Andrew Walley

24 June 2019 Phosphoinositide lipids and congenital disorders of membrane trafficking


Dr Laura Swan (Sheffield University)

Host: Yalda Jamshidi

8 July 2019 Genetic architecture of rare developmental disorders


Dr Hilary Martin (Sanger Institute)

Host: Yalda Jamshidi

22 July 2019 Musculoskeletal tissue engineering: Biomechanics and bioreactors


Dr James Henstock (Liverpool University)

Host: Caroline Copeland

16 September 2019 The role of the dynein-2 microtubule motor in cilia assembly and function


Professor David Stephens (Bristol Uni)

Host: Soo-Kim

30th September 2019 Of mice and man: disease mechanisms of Col4a1 cerebrovascular, eye and kidney disease


Dr Tom Van Agtmael (Glasgow University)

Host: Atticus Hainsworth

14 October 2019 Tethered exosomes and their roles in health and disease


Dr James Edgar (Cambridge University)

Host: Tom Carter

11th Nov 2019 Novel sources of endothelial cells for blood vessels and lymphatics


Dr Christiana Ruhrberg (UCL)

Host: Pia Ostergaard

25th Nov 2019 Targeting the microvasculature as a therapy for polycystic kidney disease


Professor David Long (UCL)

Host: Pia Ostergaard

9 December 2019 The dialogue between mitochondria and calcium signalling in cell life and death


Professor Michael Duchen (UCL)

Host: Tom Carter


15th January 2018 Fios Genomics - Discovering the Biology in your Data

J1.13 Dr Emma Behjat

(Fios Genomics, Edinburgh)

Host: Ingrid Dumitriu


29th January 2018 Policing secretion: quality control of protein biogenesis in the endoplasmic reticulum

J0.7 Prof. Liz Miller

(MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)

Host: Tom Carter


12th February 2018 What is ageing? Lessons from C. elegans

J1.5 Prof. David Gems.

(University College London)

Host: Tom Carter


26th February 2018 Insulin signalling at the intersection of metabolism and ageing

J0.8 Prof. Lazaros Foukas

(University College London)

Host: Tom Carter


12th March 2018 The Breathless Genes: lung function genetics and risk of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

J0.8 Dr Louise Wain (University of Leicester)

Host: Yalda Jamshidi


26th March 2018 Targeting protein aggregation in neurodegenerative conditions using rationally designed antibodies.

J0.8 Dr Francesco Aprile (University of Cambridge)

Host: Atticus hainsworth


16th April 2018 Gonadotropin-releasing hormone signalling: dynamics, noise and information

Prof Craig McArdle

J1.8 (University of Bristol)

Host: Kim Jonas


30th April 2018 Coated vesicles and what happens next

J0.8 Professor Scottie Robinson (Cambridge University)

Host: Tom Carter



14th May 2018 Modelling human brain development and evolution in cerebral organoids

J0.7 Dr Madeline Lancaster

(MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology)

Host: Tom Carter


11th June 2018 The nuclear lamina and vascular ageing

J0.8 Professor Catherine Shanahan

(King's College London)

Host: Laura Southgate


25th June 2018 Metabolite-mediated regulation of inflammation.

J0.8 Dr Claudio Mauro

(University of Birmingham)

Host: Soo-Kim


16th July 2018 Development of therapies for mitochondrial DNA replication defects

J0.8 Dr Caterina Garone

(Welcome trust/MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit, Cambridge)

Host: Bridget Bax


17th September 2018 Seeing and believing at super-resolution

J1.12 Dr Susan Cox

(Randall Centre of Cell & Molecular Biophysics, KCL)

Host: Tom Carter


24th September 2018 Regulation of Retinoic Acid Availability in Cardiac Development and Disease

J1.13 Dr Catherine Roberts

(Imperial College Hospital)

Host: Paris Ataliotis


8th October 2018 Mechanisms of connexin-related lymphatic dysfunction and lymphedema

LTC Prof Michael J. Davis

(Medical Pharmacology & Physiology, University of Missouri)

Host: Pia Ostergaard


22nd October 2018 Using super-resolution imaging to understand protein organisation in diverse structures: from primary cilia to muscle Z-discs

LTC Prof Michelle Peckham

(Leeds University)

Host: Tom Carter


19th November 2018 Exploring positive and negative regulation of cancer cell migration and invasion

LTB Dr Matthias Kraus

(Randell Institute, Kings College London)

Host: Ferran Valderrama


3rd December 2018 On the Origins of blood vessels and lymphatics

J1.13 Dr Oliver Stone

(Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics (DPAG), Oxford)

Host: Pia Ostergaard


30 January 2017 Automatic tracking of biological objects using light microscopy: from cells to molecules.

J0.8 Dr Gregory Mashanov (Francis Crick Institute)

Host: Tom Carter



13 February 2017 CRISPR gene editing for cystic fibrosis.

J0.8 Dr Patrick Harrison

(Dept. Physiology, University College Cork)

Host: Tom Carter/Vanessa Ho (Physiological Society funded seminar


27 February 2017 Effect of Thyroid hormone pathway modulation on stem cell-derived cardiomyocyte maturation

Lecture Theatre C Dr Nicola Hellen

(Imperial College, London)

Host: Tom Carter



13 March 2017 The biomechanics of B cell activation

J0.8 Dr Pavel Tolar

(Francis Crick Institute, UK)

Host: Tom Carter



27 March 2017 Mitochondria and telomeres: partners in cellular senescence

J0.8 Teaching Room Dr Joao Passos Rescheduled to Autumn 2017

(Newcastle University)

Host: Dorothy Bennet



10 April 2017 Reverse Engineering Microtubule Cytoskeleton Dynamic and Function

J0.7 Teaching Room Dr Thomas Surrey

(Francis Crick Institute, UK)

Host: Tom Carter


15 May 2017 Modelling remodelling: Investigating genetic control of angiogenesis and vascular integrity using zebrafish

Lecture Theatre B Dr Robert Wilkinson

(Sheffield University)

Host: Tom Carter



12 June 2017 Holographic Light Shaping for Monitoring and Manipulating Neuronal Connectivity

Lecture Theatre B Dr Amanda Foust

(Imperial College London)

Host: Caroline Copeland


26 June 2017 Using the nematode C. elegans to understand ageing

Lecture Theatre C Dr Jennifer Tullet

(University of Kent)

Host: Kim Jonas



10 July 2017 Lysosomes, endolysosomes and lysosome related organelles: the dynamics of the late endocytic pathway

J0.7 Teaching Room Professor Paul Luzio

(University of Cambridge)

Host: Tom Carter



11th September 2017 Mitochondria and telomeres: partners in cellular senescence

Lecture Theatre A Dr Joao Passos (Newcastle University)

Host: Dot Bennett


25th September 2017 SNARE trafficking: a structural biology approach

J0.7 Prof. David Owen (Cambridge University)

Host: Tom Carter


9th October 2017 Neutrophil vesicles to promote tissue protection and repair

J1.5 Professor Mauro Perretti (Queen Mary University of London)

Host: Tom Carter



23rd October 2017 Nrf2-Keap1 regulated redox signalling in human endothelial cells under physiological oxygen tension

J0.7 Prof Giovanni E. Mann (King's College London, BHF Centre of Research Excellence)

Host: Tom Carter


6th November 2017 Adams-Oliver syndrome: a window into the multigenic regulation of limb, scalp and heart development

J0.7 Dr Laura Southgate



20th November 2017 Membrane contact sites between the ER and endocytic pathway: their role in lipid transport and endosomal sorting

LT A Prof. Clare Futter

(Inst Ophthalmology, UCL)

Host: Tom Carter


4th December 2017 Understanding the systemic regulation of the Unfolded Protein Response and its role in ageing

J1.5 Dr Rebecca Taylor

(MRC LMB Cambridge)

Host: Tom Carter

12th September 2016 Cryomicroscopy of biological architecture in situ: influenza virus membrane fusion and von Willebrand factor storage

Room H2.7 Board Dr Peter Rosenthal

(Francis Crick Institute)

Host: Tom Carter


26th September Protecting the heart from Ischaemia and Reperfusion Injury – from mitochondria to exosomes

J0.8 Dr Sean Davidson

(Hatter Cardiovascular Institute, UCL,)

Host: Tom Carter


24th October Role for extracellular vesicles in diabetic vascular inflammation

J0.7 Dr Charlotte Lawson

(Royal Vet College, London)

Host: Tom Carter



7th November Next Generation Sequencing studies of Inherited Retinal Disease

J0.8 Dr Gavin Arno

(UCL Institute of Ophthalmology)

Host: Pia Ostergaard



21st November A trip around a plasmid: the dynamics and mechanism of rolling circle plasmid replication

Room H2.7 Dr Martin Webb

(Francis Crick Institute, UK)

Host: Tom Carter



5th December Exome-wide evaluation of mechanisms of splicing in 8000 families with severe developmental disorders

Room H2.6 Dr Jenny Lord

(Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute)

Host: Pia Ostergaard


24th October How the Neocortex Enables the Detection of Novelty

J0.7 Dr Sam Cooke

(Kings College London)

Host: Tom Carter


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