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The centre carries out internationally competitive research aimed at understanding the mechanisms that underlie processes essential for life. Our researchers are actively engaged in translating new discoveries into novel clinical advances. 

Our researchers employ a wide range of approaches in vitro and in vivo to gain a mechanistic understanding of processes and diseases such as skin pigmentation and melanoma (Prof Bennett, Dr Sviderskaya), DNA duplication and microbial antibiotic resistance (Prof Fisher), DNA repair and cancer (Dr Cotterill), synaptic transmission, memory formation and dementia (Prof Török, Dr Hainsworth), protein trafficking, secretion and tissue development (Prof Carter, Dr Kim, Dr Miralles, Dr Sviderskaya, Prof Bennett), mitochondrial dysfunction and disease (Dr Bax).

Our researchers 

Bridget Bax’s research focuses on rare inherited diseases.

Dorothy Bennett’s research focuses on ageing, cell senescence and melanoma. 

Tom Carter's research focuses on organelle trafficking and secretion.   

Sue Cotterill’s research focuses on DNA repair and cancer.

Mark Fisher's research focuses on DNA topoisomerases.

Atticus Hainsworth’s research focuses on stroke and dementia.

Francesc Miralles’ research focuses on regulation of gene expression.

Soo-Hyun Kim's research focuses on human development and physiology.

Elena Sviderskaya's research focuses on pigmentary disorders.

Katalin Török’s research focuses on the development and mechanisms of fluorescent sensors and neuronal cell signalling.


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