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The Cardiology Clinical Academic Group (CAG) is a joint initiative of St George’s, University of London and St George’s University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust that has cross-disciplinary cardiovascular translational research at its core. The Cardiology CAG focuses on delivering high standards of clinical care, fostering academic excellence, leading clinical and laboratory research, and educating doctors and other health professionals.

Our mission

The Cardiology CAG has a tripartite mission of delivering excellence in research, education and clinical service. 

Our researchers aim to decipher the mechanisms underlying cardiovascular disorders, improving patient diagnosis, risk stratification, treatment and outcomes.

Our team

We are a dynamic group of clinical and academic researchers (including principal investigators, research fellows, postgraduate research degree students, research and clinical nurses, technical staff) working as an integrated team to carry out internationally-competitive translational research. In 2018 St George’s was the top recruiting trust for cardiovascular studies in south London.

Our researchers employ a wide range of approaches (population studies, in vivo and in vitro models and clinical studies) to investigate various cardiovascular research areas, including, among others:

Sports cardiology: Michael Papadakis, Sanjay Sharma

Genetics and pathology of sudden cardiac death: Angeliki Asimaki, Elijah Behr, Michael Papadakis, Sanjay Sharma, Mary Sheppard, Maite Tome

Genetics, pathology and clinical studies of inherited and acquired cardiac diseases: Lisa Anderson, Tarek Antonios, Elijah Behr, Nicholas Bunce, Ingrid Dumitriu, Sam Firoozi, Mark Gallagher, Taigang He, Juan Carlos Kaski, Anna Marciniak, Robin Ray, Giuseppe Rosano, Magdi Saba, Nesan Shanmugam, Rajan Sharma, Mary Sheppard, Maite Tome

Improving outcomes from percutaneous therapies (coronary/valvular): Stephen Brecker, James Spratt.

Outcomes research in vascular surgery: Peter Holt, Kate Stenson.


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