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Jo Eggleton Admin - MCS Institute Manager
Angela Mason Admin - MCS Institute Administrator
Tara Nasreen Admin - Centres Administrator
Julie Norwood Admin - Centres Administrator
Stefanina Sawyer Admin - Centres Administrator
Cardiology Clinical Academic Group
Angeliki Asimaki Senior Lecturer in Cardiac Morphology and Sudden Death
Joyee Basu Clinical Research Fellow
Elijah Behr Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine
Stephen Brecker Professor, Head of Cardiology CAG
John Camm Emeritus Professor
Aliya Choudhury Clinical Research Fellow
Susanna Cooper Technician
Paraskevi (Vivian) Dimou Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Cameron Dowling PhD Student
Andrew D'Silva PhD Student
Ingrid Dumitriu Reader in Cardiovascular Immunology
Khari Edwards Technician
Bode Ensam Clinical Research Fellow
Taigang He Senior Lecturer Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Peter Holt Professor of Vascular Surgery
Bashar Ibrahim Clinical Research Fellow
Juan Carlos Kaski Professor of Cardiovascular Science
Lisa Leung Clinical Research Fellow
Hamish MacLachlan Clinical Research Fellow
Christopher Miles Clinical Research Fellow
Uchenna Ozo Clinical Research Fellow
Michael Papadakis Reader in Cardiology & Hon Consultant
Efstathios Papatheodorou PhD student
Gemma Parry-Williams Clinical Research Fellow
Nicole Radford Administrator, Research
Robin Ray Senior Lecturer
Giuseppe Rosano Professor of Cardiovascular Science
Chiara Scrocco Clinical Research Fellow
Sanjay Sharma Professor of Cardiology
Mary Sheppard Professor of Cardiac Pathology
Vennessa Sookhoo Research Nurse
James Spratt Reader in Interventional Cardiology
Katherine Stenson Clinical Lecturer in Vascular Surgery
Belmira Vaz E Fernandes Administrator, Cardiac Pathology
Xinkai Wang Bioinformatician
Joseph Westaby Clinical Research Fellow
Cell Biology Research Centre
Bridget Bax Reader in Rare Diseases
Dorothy Bennett Professor and MCS Institute Director
Thomas Carter Professor of Endothelial Cell Biology
Susan Cotterill Reader in Molecular Biology
Gilles Crevel Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Larry Fisher Professor of Molecular Biology
Philip Goff Research Technician & PhD Student
Atticus Hainsworth Reader in Cerebrovascular Disease
Holly Hughes Research Assistant
Yeon-Joo Kim Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Soo-Hyun Kim Senior Lecturer
Michelle Levene Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Francesc Miralles Reader in Molecular Biology
Alamin Mohammed Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Xiao-Su Pan Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Elena Sviderskaya Senior Lecturer in Cell and Molecular Biology
Katalin Torok Professor of Molecular Neuroscience
Genetics Research Centre
Clare Benson PhD Student
Krystyna Broda Research Assistant
Carlos Bueno Beti Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Christopher Carroll Lecturer in Human Genetics
Esther Dempsey Clinical Research Fellow
Dionysios Grigoriadis Bioinformatician
Yalda Jamshidi Reader in Genomic Medicine
Stephen Jeffery Principal Research Fellow
Christina Karapouliou PhD student
Sahar Mansour Professor of Clinical Genetics
Silvia Martin Almedina Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Peter Mortimer Professor of Dermatological Medicine
Kazim Ogmen Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Daniel Osborn Senior Lecturer in Genetics
Pia Ostergaard Reader in Human Genetics
Alan Pittman Lecturer in Genomics/Bioinformatics
Ege Sackey Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Laura Southgate Lecturer
Katrina Tatton-Brown Professor of Clinical Genetics and Genomic Education
Malou Van Zanten Senior Research Practitioner
Neuroscience Research Centre
Alexis Bailey Senior Lecturer in Neuropharmacology
Mohani-Preet Bajaj PhD Student
Thomas Barrick Senior Lecturer in MR Image Analysis
Natasha Clarke PhD student
Hannah Cock Professor of Epilepsy and Medical Education
Mark Edwards Professor of Neurology, Eleanor Peel Chair
Peter Garrard Professor of Neurology, MCS Deputy Director
Florence Hogg Clinical Research Fellow
Katherine Holt Research Physiotherapist
Franklyn Howe Professor of Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Maya Kassiss Research Assistant in Clinical Informatics
Francesca Morgante Reader in Neurology and Honorary Consultant Neurologist
Glenn Nielsen Senior Lecturer in Neurological Physiotherapy
Hayley Noble Trial Manager
Marios Papadopoulos Professor of Neurosurgery
Nikil Patel Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Erlick Pereira Senior Lecturer & Hon. Consultant in Neurosurgery
Samira Saadoun Senior Lecturer in Neuroscience
Anna Sadnicka Chadburn Clinical Lecturer
Eleftherios Samaras Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Anan Shtaya Clinical Lecturer in Neurosurgery
Catherine Spilling Postdoctoral Image Analyst
Ann-Marie Strudwick Research Assistant
Vascular Biology Research Centre
Anthony Albert Professor of Cardiovascular Science
Tarek Antonios Senior Lecturer in Physiological Medicine
Samuel Baldwin PhD Student
Alexa Bishop PhD Student
Simonette Carlton-Carew PhD Student
Judith Cartwright Professor of Reproductive Cell Biology
Veronica Giorgione Research Assistant
Iain Greenwood Professor of Vascular Pharmacology
Gavin Guy Clinical Lecturer Fetal Medicine
Zoe Haines PhD Student
Kazi Jahan Postdoctoral Research Associate
Asma Khalil Professor of Obstetrics and Maternal Medicine
Miguel Martin-Aragon Baudel Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Daniel Meijles Lecturer
Anna Ridder Research Assistant
Jennifer Stott Postdoctoral Research Assistant
Rosemary Townsend Clinical Research Fellow
Zoe Tryfonos PhD Student
Guy Whitley Professor of Cell Biology


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