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The ITAV Helpdesk provides IT and AV support for the whole of St George’s. They resolve problems with work computers, order items of hardware, provide support in AV emergencies, and hire out AV equipment for staff use. More information can be found here, below are instructions for a few common tasks.


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Technical Issues
Problems with your work PC  

For problems with your PC, contact the ITAV Helpdesk and specify your problem, the location, and the number of your computer if applicable (eg. AB-113). IT will then either control your computer remotely or send a technician to fix the issue.   

Emergency Support 

If IT or AV fails in a time sensitive situation (e.g. a meeting), please contact the ITAV emergency helpdesk on x5055. Do not use this line for standard IT inquiries.  


All staff members have access to Eduroam. Use your SGUL email and password to log in.  

Office Printers 

More information about office printers can be found here, including information on how to troubleshoot in the case of a malfunction. 

Ordering ITAV Equipment
New computers and new hardware 

Information about ordering computers and hardware can be found here. New computers come with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard; additional monitors can be ordered too. To order a new computer you will need to specify whether it’s new or a replacement, provide a budget code, and a port number — this is the number of the ethernet socket closest to your desk position. You will need to clear any purchases with the budget holder.  

New phone lines 

To order a new phone line, contact the ITAV Helpdesk and specify that you would like a new phone and phoneline. You will need to provide the name and location of the new staff member and an appropriate budget code (cleared with the budget holder). It is usually best to request a refurbished phone, as new phones are expensive. 

Hiring Equipment
AV equipment 

You can hire AV equipment here. Sign in with your St George’s ID and then use the search engine to select the items you would like to book.   

Checking out laptops 

To check out a laptop, please visit the IMBE reception. Please note that laptops will not log in initially without being connected to an ethernet cable.


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