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Who we are

The Centre of Clinical Education team fall into seven management sections but there is a collaborative networked approach to working within and between the sections.

Head of the centre

The Head of the Clinical Education Centre is Professor Philippa Tostevin.

Heads of the sections

  • Section of Clinical Teachers: Professor David Oliveira and Professor Hannah Cock

  • Section of Clinical Skills: Dr Robert Nagaj

  • Section of Communication Skills: Dr Katherine Joekes

  • Section for Interdisciplinary Studies: Professor Annie Bartlett

  • Section of Integrated Teaching: Dr Christine Fessey

  • Section of Primary Care Education: Dr Judith Ibison

  • Section of Humanities, Ethics, Law and Global Health: Dr Carwyn Hooper

Associated with the Centre there are over 200 honorary teaching staff who are employed as clinical teaching fellows and honorary or senior lecturers. Associates teach alongside their NHS clinical commitments at a wide variety of clinical sites across Southern England, from Somerset to Kent.

Section heads from the Centre for Clinical Education. The heads of centre and section at the Centre for Clinical Education. 


What we do

Together, we aim to deliver a quality assured Medicine MBBS course that produces doctors with outstanding clinical and communication skills who can flourish in a multiprofessional workplace in the UK and internationally.

All academic staff are involved in the values-based recruitment of medical students who come from a diverse pool of applicants including humanities graduates. All staff in the centre are also involved in personal tutoring of students and their assessments.

We develop and review all elements of the programme within each section to ensure that what we are delivering is current and evidence based, using new technologies where possible.

We have a rigorous and robust quality assurance process to ensure that we are able to optimize student experience on placement.

We have an embedded process for recognizing excellence in teaching and encourage staff to develop their educational portfolios throughout their careers by regular appraisal and peer review.

Honorary teaching contracts

For information regarding application for an honorary contract please contact Lea Stock.


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