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As part of our wider work to progress racial equality at St George’s, Staff Development are currently providing two connected race-conscious Talk and Transform workshops delivered by Jannett Morgan from JM Learning & Skills (JMLS).

These workshops aim to support leaders and managers to be able to talk about race effectively and at the earliest opportunity, to promote mutual understanding across our diverse workforce and foster positive work relationships. The workshops look to explore the factors that enhance and inhibit effective conversations about race, build a climate of mutual trust and respect and embed learning within inclusive leadership practice

St George’s began running these workshops in November 2020 and have since expanded the initial offer with additional workshops being commissioned and workshops being developed for all staff across the organisation.

We all have a responsibility to contribute to progressing race equality at St George’s. These workshops are being provided to support and enable staff to recognise their role and the opportunities they have to support race equality within their teams and organisationally.

To find out more and to sign up to attend Talk and Transform, visit MyWorkplace

Reflections from Talk and Transform

"I had never contemplated how much racism had affected my life in many ways until I attended this workshop".

"It was really helpful to have open discussions about these difficult topics".

“I felt the workshop was a safe and respectful environment to discuss the difficult issues of race, privilege, etc. I had the opportunity to listen a variety of views and learnt a lot, and to apply and acknowledge my behaviour in my day to day activities”.

“The trainer was excellent, informative, and patient with the group. I think this training is vital and everyone should attend”.

“The workshop made me really think about race in ways I hadn’t thought about before and what effect it had on me personally. It was a great workshop to talk about how to ‘talk’!”

Resources from Talk and Transform

Jannett Morgan (JM Learning and Skills)  has been compiling a shared resource of reflections and actions from all staff taking part in the Talk and Transform workshops and these have contributed to creating a set of slides entitled  “I wish I’d know” and “Now that I know” reflections. These workshops and slide outputs are building a catalyst for change at St George’s and sharing the outputs from the sessions using the slides generated by staff  in the workshops is an essential part of this.

2020/21 Resources

2021/22 Resources

Open Spaces conversations

Feedback from attendees of the Talk and Transform Workshops expressed a keen interest in continuing these conversations, enabling staff to further improve their skills and confidence in being race-conscious.

We have therefore launched Open Spaces Conversations which aim to provide a supportive space for open and honest conversations about race, with a focus on learning, sharing and reflecting. The Spaces are informed by the content and feedback from the Talk and Transform sessions. These spaces will also provide a chance for staff to share approaches they have taken as well as learnings on what has worked well within their own teams and areas.

For information about the next Open Spaces Conversations sessions, see the Staff Development calendar.

Anti-Racism resources

To support staff to continue to further their knowledge and understanding of anti-racism and race equity we have created an Anti-Racism Resources page.

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