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St George’s, University of London is committed to being an anti-racist organisation.

This page sets out our anti-racism statement which explains our vision and beliefs, as well as our anti-racism statement of commitment which sets out how we will put this into action in our organisation. You can view both of these in the tabs further down this page.

Jenny Higham announces St George's anti-racism statement of commitment

Anti-racism statement

The shocking death of George Floyd in May 2020, and the global response that followed, highlighted the devastating impact of racism and racial inequality on our society and communities.

These events have challenged us to develop our work further, and we recognise we must do more to address racism and inequalities within our community.

We have commissioned an institutional review of our approach to race equality, examining the work that is ongoing and identifying priorities for action. The review is based on the principles of co-production and collaboration and led by Professor Deborah Bowman, Deputy Principal for Institutional Affairs.

We are listening, learning and developing an institutional action plan which will be focused on achieving and monitoring sustainable change.

The University has a zero-tolerance approach to racism and condemns all racist and discriminatory behaviour. We are committed to challenging and dismantling structural racism within our practices, policies, procedures and community.

It is unacceptable that anyone at the University experiences racism or discrimination.

We stand with our Black staff and students and those from all under-represented ethnic groups in pledging to take action. We are committed to ensuring that St George’s, University of London is an anti-racist environment within which all our staff and students can work, train, study and progress. 

Anti-racism statement of commitment

St George's Anti-racism statement of commitment (PDF)  aims to raise awareness of racism in the context of power, oppressionand privilege and how this leads to institutional racism. It also lays out our commitment to:

  • dismantling institutional racism where it exists
  • work towards providing a work and study environment that is anti-racist, culturally inclusive and free from racial discrimination and harassment.

This statement is to complement the current St George's Strategy 2017-2022 (PDF) and that it will be integrated in the strategy beyond 2022.

The statement of commitment applies to all:

  • staff members
  • students
  • people seeking to work or study at St George's
  • volunteers
  • placement providers
  • service providers
  • contractors
  • customers/clients
  • visitors.

It is intended that all our policies align to this statement, embedding the University’s anti-racismcommitment within them.

Read the full anti-racism statement of commitment (PDF)

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