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The Concordat to Support Research Integrity

St George`s, University London is a signatory to the Concordat to Support Research Integrity which provides a national framework for good research conduct and governance.

Research integrity is about conducting research in a way that allows the public to have trust and confidence in our research outputs.

Code of Practice for Research

This Code of Practice for Research at St George's University of London (SGUL) defines the policies and requirements in relation to research integrity, to ensure that research is conducted to the highest standards. All students at the university, members of staff employed by SGUL, and other researchers using University facilities or with University honorary contracts are expected to work to the requirements set out in this Code of Practice.

SGUL is strongly committed to excellence in research and has embedded the commitments set out in The Concordat to Support Research Integrity 2019. SGUL believes that research integrity is fundamental to good quality research and the University has the policies, processes, governance procedures and the culture to advance and ensure research integrity across SGUL.

The Code of Practice covers the following areas:I. Responsible research practice1. Research Integrity and Culture2. Professional Development3. Funding4. Research Data5. Publications and Open Access6. Research Dissemination7. Research Assessment8. Intellectual Property9. Conflicts of Interest10. Research Ethics ReviewII. Dealing with allegations of research misconduct

Please see the whole policy.

The misconduct policy will shortly be renewed and feedback is welcome.  SGUL’s procedure includes investigation of anonymous allegations of publication misconduct when they come to our attention.

Our Research Ethics and Integrity Officer:


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