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Assessment only students

Following a Board of Examiners or Discretionary Panel you may be permitted to return to the university to sit assessments only with no attendance at teaching.

In this circumstance

  • You will be recorded on the student record system with enrolment status of assessment only.
  • You will not be charged tuition fees.
  • International students on Student Visas will have their visa curtailed. Please contact the International Advising Team for guidance

As an Assessment Only student you will have access to the following:

  • Your SGUL email, IT account and appropriate access to MS Teams.
  • The appropriate Canvas areas, including the relevant home area and the module sites for the year in which you started the module (i.e. not the current year).
  • Meetings in the academic year with your personal tutor upon your request.
  • A meeting with your course director, year or module lead, prior to beginning the academic year. This meeting will highlight any important curriculum and assessment changes from the previous year which are relevant and the appropriate assessment briefings.
  • All cohort-level emails; these will include important dates and deadlines. Emails will be for all students in the cohort and therefore not all emails will be relevant to you.
  • The University and the Library including for book loans.
  • The Careers service.
  • The Academic Success Centre (Canvas log in required) including appointments for study advice, which are encouraged.
  • Your course may arrange ad hoc online or in-person revision sessions or invite you to formative assessments.
  • The Counselling Service and other support services.

As an Assessments only student, you will not be entitled to:

  • Attend teaching or onsite live teaching sessions, other than revision sessions organised by your course.
  • To receive maintenance loans (from SFE or NHS). SFE may consider requests from students for maintenance funding on the grounds of financial hardship. There is more detail about what they can offer on the SFE Practitioner website.
  • Apply for financial aid from St George’s during the year not in attendance or receive the Opportunity Fund Grant.
  • Act as a peer tutor during the time that you are away from full-time study.

Assessment only students are not enrolled as full-time students and therefore are not entitled to:

  • A Council Tax letter indicating that you are full-time students entitled to a discount
  • A Standard Letter from the Student Life Centre indicating that you are a full-time student
  • A TfL 18+ Student Oyster Card

You must:

  • Sign up to the university’s regulations within 21 days of the course start date. Failure to do this may result in withdrawal from the programme.
  • Note important dates in the academic year e.g., exam briefings and listen to these in full via Canvas.
  • Familiarize yourself with new content and assessment and be prepared for assessment.
  • Contact the administrative team in good time, particularly if you are unsure of key elements e.g., assessment dates or are experiencing difficulties in accessing Canvas.
  • Keep up to date with your St George’s email.
  • Your course team may require you to complete additional documentation.

Information about university student support can be found here: Student Support A-Z.

Assessment only students undertaking placement

In some circumstances the Course Team may encourage or arrange for students on an ‘Assessment only’ year to attend placement. In this situation you will be invited to re-enrol for the period of the placement and fees may be due, depending on the duration of the placement.  You will be entitled to claim SFE maintenance for the period of the placement where you are eligible.

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