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Our courses can lead students to a diverse range of career options, from healthcare paralegal to venture capital investor. In this section, you can find a selection of career profiles, stories and other resources from our alumni to help guide you as you begin planning your career in healthcare.  

Alumni stories

Career profiles

Read about their experiences below and see where our courses could take you. 

Biomedical Science

Our Biomedical Science course prepares you for a wide variety of career pathways including research and cover fundamental aspects of cell and molecular biology, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology and genetics. Read about where this course took these St George’s students, from healthcare paralegal to PhD candidate.

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Diagnostic Radiography

Our Diagnostic Radiography course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to use X-Ray, Ultrasound, CT and MRI, to produce high-quality clinical images of the internal structure and workings of the body. See where this course can take you.

Healthcare Science

Healthcare science is one of the fastest-moving areas of the NHS and its importance is continuing to grow. Healthcare science departments make a real difference to patients every day, and are involved in 80% of all clinical decisions in the NHS. Learn about where our Healthcare Science BSc took these St George's students. 

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Our Medicine course equips you with essential knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes required to practice medicine competently and professionally in a patient-centred, multidisciplinary environment. The expertise this course provides has allowed these St George's students to pursue broad and varied careers. 

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Paramedic Science

Paramedic Science BSc will enable you to train as a paramedic, providing immediate assistance to patients in the emergency out of hospital environment and to assess, treat and refer patients requiring urgent care. See where this course took these St George's alumni.


Physiotherapy BSc will equip you with the knowledge, understanding and assessment and treatment skills needed to work as an effective and autonomous physiotherapist.

Radiotherapy and Oncology

A Radiotherapy and Oncology BSc equips you with the skills, knowledge, and technical expertise needed to plan and deliver radiotherapy whilst caring for people with cancer. Read about these St George's students' experiences to learn where a career in radiography can take you.

Messages to our new graduates

Congratulations to all of you who have recently completed your course and become alumni of St George's.

Alumni have reached out to share well-wishes and advice as you begin your next chapter. You can read some of these messages below.

“Top effort everyone – you are all legends and should be immensely proud to be graduating after all your hard work. We are gutted you won’t be able to graduate in the usual fashion – although, donning your gowns and silly hats, and celebrating with friends and family will feel even more special when it does happen. We have no doubt you will all go and make a significant difference to your local communities, using the scientific knowledge and practical skills you have been honing during your time at SGUL. Be kind, think big and have fun”.

Matt Owen, Physiotherapy Class of 2012 and Clara Vella, MBBS Class of 2013

“Many congratulations to you all for achieving this pinnacle. I appreciate it must be difficult not being able to celebrate directly with friends via the Summer Ball and Graduation Ceremony but this will make you better doctors in these uncertain times. You will develop better in terms of empathy, compassion and insight to the various psycho-socioeconomic issues in patients as well as dealing with the medical issues so you will mature fast in these uncertain times to be our future leaders and indeed, treat me for my ailments when needed!”

Dushyant Mital, MBBS Class of 1993

“I would like to offer my heartiest congratulations to all St George’s University graduates of 2020! Graduation celebrations might be a little different this year due to the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, but do not forget that each and every one of you can make a difference in the healthcare field. I wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavours!”

Nipuni Welihinda, Biomedical Science Class of 2012


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