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A picture of Mozammil RamzanWhat year did you graduate? 


What course did you study?  

BSc Therapeutic Radiography 

What is your current role?  

Senior Therapeutic Radiographer, Senior Leaders Masters Degree Apprentice and Charted Management Institute (CMI) Board Member. 

How did you get into your current role?   


I came into the role of Radiographer by applying via the usual route of NHS jobs and was offered a role in a Radiotherapy department in the West Midlands. I am also the Health & Safety Representative, Manual Handling Trainer and Student Mentor. All of these extra roles and responsibilities allowed me to build my skills and expertise as a leader and therefore allowed me the opportunity to undertake a Management and Leadership apprenticeship course. I have since been actively involved in service development and improvement initiatives in the hospital.  

CMI Board Member 

I became a CMI Board Member through my role in the hospital and me being the founder of an online startup business. I offer my services on a voluntary basis to develop the strategic objectives of the CMI, which is a professional body organisation that aims to increase the number and standards of qualified leaders and managers. I am the Hub Lead for the West Midlands region.   

Can you describe a typical day? 

As a Radiographer, dependent on the shift pattern, I usually start work at 9:00 and finish at 5:30 pm. I begin by meeting the team I am working with for the day on the treatment unit. I start treating patients by delivering their Radiotherapy Treatment safely and effectively in a timely manner. I then have a short morning break at around 10:30 am and continue to manage the treatment until lunch at 1pm. I usually go to the staff canteen or outdoor seating area to have lunch with colleagues and then visit the prayer room to catch a moment of silence and reflection. Once I finish lunch at 2 pm I then start planning and preparing treatments for patients due to start in the future and ensure all relevant documentation and processes are in place before they attend for their first appointment. I also undertake daily health and safety checks for the department and meet other staff on projects I am working on. For example, projects pertaining to human resource management and service development such as improving the Training and Development process in the department. 

What do you enjoy about your role?  

I enjoy the daily interaction I have with patients and staff from various backgrounds and job roles. I find addressing patients’ needs and concerns that I can help with and solve, greatly rewarding. Also, by seeing the outcomes of recommendations I have made being put in to practice allows me to feel a sense of achievement and fulfilment such as instances where I have advised ways on improving the way patients are handled when correctly positioning patients for their treatment. The feedback I receive from staff and patients alike motivates me to continue to do what I am doing. 

What do you find challenging in your current role?  

As with many frontline services, the increase in demand and workforce pressures are the biggest challenges that the healthcare service faces in this current climate. Furthermore, a shortage of Radiographers further increases the strain on the profession. 

What advice would you give to a current student at St George’s who is keen to get into a similar area of work as you?  

Make use of the resources that the University has to offer whilst you are still there. The lecturers and faculty in general, are very helpful and get in contact with previous students and alumni. 

Which aspects of your degree are relevant for your current role?  

The most relevant aspect would be the clinical placement blocks incorporated into the course. Furthermore, modules on Personal Professional Development (PPD) are very helpful in future practice. 

Do you have any advice or a message for current students at St George’s? 

Enjoy your time as a student and make most of the opportunities you have available to you. Try to get involved in as many projects and extra activities/roles as you can as this will help you in your future career and personal development. 



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