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Scholarships help recruit the brightest students, especially in these challenging times of reduced government support. While government-backed student loans support undergraduate and some postgraduate tuition fees, the majority of our students have to fund the additional cost of living, which in London can be as much as £12,000 per year.

To ensure that the academically strongest students have the opportunity to maximise their potential, we will offer a greater number of scholarships to attract students regardless of their financial means or background. A scholarship to study at St George’s can make a lasting impact on a student and the communities they go on to work in.

A life-changing opportunity

A photo of student Sehr Zeb.

Sehr Zeb was awarded a scholarship to study for an MSc in Global Health at St George’s in 2017/18.

Growing up in Pakistan, Sehr was awarded a BSc Sociology degree through the University of London’s distance-learning programme.

Over the course of her studies she began to explore the links between socio-political unrest and health issues, and became passionate about understanding the systemic health challenges in her home country. This led her to apply to study at St George’s.

Coming to St George’s has allowed Sehr to study at the cutting edge of global health research, learning from world renowned experts in their fields.

“It is almost impossible to refer to health policy papers in the UK without some member of staff having chaired the committee that produced the report, or discovering that your friendly, modest lecturer was part of the research team that ran vaccine trials for the Ebola virus.”

Sehr is determined to make the most of this life-changing opportunity, in the hope that she can apply some of her learning to the issues in her home country.

“I find myself waking up at 8am each morning just for the privilege of attending lectures that are not part of my official module list.”

Without a scholarship, Sehr would not have been able to come to the UK to study here. Your support can help other students from the UK and beyond to study at St George’s.


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