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Date: Wednesday 22 November 2023

Time: 17:15 - 18:45

Location: The Curve Lecture Theatre and online on MS Teams, View map

This event is part of our Open Spaces series and will be facilitated by Professor Roger Kneebone and Dr Geordie Waddell who will consider shared practices across music and medicine.

This is an opportunity to engage and question our assumptions about mistakes and failures.

About this event

Musicians and healthcare workers share much in common. Both extensively train to build a deep and wide skillset, performed under varying degrees of pressure, adapted to ever-changing situations and industry demands, and judged according to an often-unstated set of objective and subjective criteria.

This session will consider shared practices across music and medicine, examining how decisions are made about which performances are deemed more valuable than others and how we can practice identifying skill when we see it.

We will question our assumptions about mistakes and failure, exploring how to turn each performance into a learning opportunity no matter the outcome.

About Open Spaces

Open Spaces is a new and evolving extra-curricular programme bringing science, medicine, and healthcare into dialogue with the arts, humanities, and enterprise.

It aims to stimulate interdisciplinary encounters between staff and students, students on different programmes, and between the University and the local community.

In this period where so much is done remotely it aims to be a place where new connections are fostered and existing ones rejuvenated.

At its essence, Open Spaces aims to be an oasis for connection and enrichment at St George’s.


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