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The Open Spaces events programme is an evolving extra-curricular programme bringing together science, medicine, and healthcare with the arts, humanities and enterprise.

Open Spaces aims to stimulate interdisciplinary encounters between:

  • staff and students
  • students on different programmes
  • the University and the local community.

These events aim to be a place where new connections are fostered and existing ones rejuvenated.

At its essence, Open Spaces aims to be an oasis for connection and enrichment at St George’s.

Join an Open Spaces events

Explore the pages below to find full details of upcoming Open Spaces events and how to book your place. 

We will add details of upcoming Open Spaces events here as soon as they are available.

Previous Open Spaces events

Browse the items below to learn about some of the Open Spaces events we have previously held.


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Types of Open Spaces events

There are many different types of events offered through the Open Spaces programme. Click the items below to find out more about each type.

What students say about Open Spaces events

"Having always had a keen interest in music and the arts, it is really refreshing to find a new focus on their synergy with the world of clinical medicine rather than these aspects of my personal and professional life feeling like they have to compete."

"The fusion of arts and humanities with science will enable us to reimagine our being and professionalism in a more human-friendly, sustainable manner."

"It has given real food for thought on how to further evolve my own path."

"I enjoyed the fact that it was practical and involved all participants and encouraged discussion between staff, students and the workshop leader."

"It helps you see a perspective you wouldn't ordinarily have seen."

"I found it interesting and engaging and a lovely opportunity to learn new skill and meet new people."

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