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All staff at St George's, University of London are required to complete a number of mandatory online training modules as per the Mandatory Training Policy.

This training aims to help you gain an understanding of the laws, rules and policies that apply to your official and day-to-day duties at St George’s.

You will be required to complete online training modules as part of your induction and probation at St George’s, depending on your role. This can be when you join the university or when you change to a new role. 

Staff can access MyTraining (link below) either through the Learning tab within MyWorkplace or by visiting and entering their usual St George’s username and password. After logging in, staff will be presented with a list of available online mandatory training courses they will need to complete. After a course has been completed in MyTraining,  automatic reminders will be sent to staff by email when the course is set to expire and should be re-taken. 

Mandatory training modules

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Data Protection and Information Governance (IG)

These online modules cover all aspects of data protection and information security with useful links to websites and resources on how to manage and maintain the security of our data and our legal and compliance responsibilities.

  • Information about which Data Protection and Information Governance training modules you need to complete dependant on your role are available via the IG data protection training page.

Contact your IG lead if you are unsure which training to undertake.

Health and Safety

All staff are required to complete health and safety training as part of their role. Please go to SHE training  and/or the Mandatory Training Policy to find out about the online training for you need to complete. You will also find details of other health and safety workshops to attend.

Please contact Dr Colin Sandiford ( if you have any questions about safety, health and environment training.

Equality and diversity

All new St George’s staff should complete the Diversity in the Workplace and Unconscious Bias online modules.

Those with line management responsibility and recruiting managers should also complete Inclusive Practice, face to face training which is offered regularly by Katie Stringer and you can sign up for this course by booking through MyWorkplace

Prevent duty

Staff are required to complete online training to better understand their responsibilities under the Prevent duty.

Under the Counter-Terrorism and Security Act 2015, St George's is required to “have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”. The online Prevent module in MyTraining will introduce the Prevent duty, support you to notice concerns that may make individuals vulnerable to radicalisation, show what a proportionate response looks like, and give you the confidence and ability to raise concerns when someone may be at risk.

Please contact the Prevent training lead Beth Okona-Mensah if you have any queries. 



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