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St George’s, University of London is committed to ensuring that all who visit, work or study here do so in safety.

We have made arrangements for the management and implementation of safety, health, environment and wellbeing-related issues, as set out in the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. This includes a governance structure using committees with attendance from all areas within the university. This model provides opportunities for issues to be raised, discussed, escalated, monitored and reviewed.​ 

The governance structure is overseen by the Safety Management Committee with assistance from the Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) office as detailed in the chart below.

A chart of our governance structure.


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Meet the team

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SHE Management
Hanif Brora MSc CMIOSH    

Assistant Director of Safety, Health & Environment 



Areas of Responsibility: 

  • Safety Management Committee  

  • Horton Halls  

  • New Projects  

  • Liaison with Trust  

  • Audit 3 YR Programme  

  • Safety Representative Committee  

  • Liaison with HSE and EA  

  • SHE Risk Register  

  • Institute of Medical and Biomedical Education (IMBE)  

  • Professional Services Health and Safety Committee  

  • Education Committee  

  • Policies  

  • Radiation Safety Committee  

  • Research Committee

Dr Colin Sandiford CMIOSH 

Safety Health and Environment Advisor Safety Health and Environment Office 



Areas of Responsibility: 

  • Laboratories’ 

  • Inspection of Campus (Monthly) 

  • Chemical and Radiation Waste Store 

  • Institute Committee Molecular and Clinical 

  • Lab, COSHH, Manual Handling and Radiation training 

  • Institute of Infection and Immunity (when requested) 

  • Manage Hard Copy Records 

  • Joint Faculty HSC 

  • Radiation Safety Committee 

  • Pathogen Management Genetic Modification Committee 

  • Containment Level 3 User Group 

  • Research Committee 

  • Cell Irradiator 

  • General Student Inductions 

Lab Inspector
Dr. Kameljit Kalsi 



Areas of Responsibility: 

  • Laboratory Inspections 

  • Chemical and Radiation Waste Store 

  • Radiation Safety Committee 

  • Lab, Radiation and COSHH Training 

  • Cell Irradiator 

  • Containment Level 3 User Group 

Fire Officer

Position to be appointed (Please Contact Colin Sandiford for Fire related issues.)  



Areas of Responsibility: 

  • Horton Halls - SHE Fire Inspections plus action plans (every 3 months) 

  • Fire Training 

  • Campus SHE Fire Inspections plus action plans (monthly) 

  • Campus Fire Drills - 6 monthly (Day and Evening) 

  • Fire Policies 

  • Fire Risk Assessment (Annually) 

  • Fire Advice 

  • New Projects - Fire advice input

Louise Lincoln 

Research Operations/SHE Admin 


Areas of Responsibility: 

  • Britsafe 

  • Training Statistics 

  • Manage input to Webpage 

  • Setting up/Organising Training courses 

  • Manage Electronic Records 

  • Requisition Orders 

  • Manage Diary 


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