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Periodic Review

From time to time, we review each of our programmes to ensure that they are relevant, up to date, adequately resourced and continue to meet the needs of students and employers.

Programmes are usually reviewed once every five years. Reviews are carried out by an independent panel of academic and professional peers. The panels include experts from other universities, professional bodies and employer groups where relevant. Our panels also include a student panel member from other programmes.

The evidence base for a periodic review includes:

  • internal quality assurance reports

  • feedback from students gathered through surveys and staff-student meetings

  • student progression and achievement data

  • employment patterns for graduates

  • external examiners’ reports

  • reports from external regulators and professional bodies where these reports exist.

Review panels also meet the team delivering the programme and a selection of current students as part of their work.

Further information about our Periodic Review process is available in our Quality Manual.

Annual Programme Monitoring

Monitoring is the year-on-year process by which the staff who have responsibility for the delivery of a programme evaluate the effectiveness of the programme in achieving its stated aims, and the success of students in attaining the programme’s learning outcomes. Monitoring, which is based on the use of qualitative and quantitative evidence, is conducted by the team of staff responsible for the delivery of the programme in partnership with the relevant monitoring committee.

The following are the key stages in the monitoring process presented chronologically:

  • allocation of responsibilites for monitoring by the monitoring committee or Institute/department (circa September)
  • ongoing collection of evidence, record of issues, and action taken through the use of monitoring diaries or logs (all year activity)
  • circulation of report forms, guidance notes for completion;
  • submission of final annual report to the monitoring committee (autumn term);
  • submission of summary report by the monitoring committee to QAEC (spring term);
  • prepartion by QAEC of an overview report to Senate to include feedback to monitoring committees and staff-student consultation groups (end of spring term).

Further information about our Annual Monitoring process is available in our Quality Manual

The Monitoring Committee Summary Reports are available upon request from the Quality and Partnerships Directorate.

Published Periodic Review reports

Review panels publish a report of their findings. Programme teams are also required to respond formally to the review reports. As part of our commitment to openness and transparency, these reports and the responses to them are publicly available.

Reports of reviews that have taken place since 2015-present are published below. Reports from previous years are available on request: email Glen Delahaye.

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