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These are the rules and policies covering use of the St George's Library. 

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Accessing the library
  • Users must have a valid ID or library access card in order to access the library and computer rooms.

  • Users must be able to produce valid ID at the request of library or security staff.

  • The library is closed to visitors at weekends and after 6pm during the week. For access during these periods, users must register as a paying member during staffed hours. See our membership pages for more information.

Conduct within the library
  • Users are expected to maintain an appropriate standard of behaviour when using library facilities and to treat library staff and fellow users with respect and courtesy.

  • Users should respect the zoning of the library space. Cold snacks are permitted in the 'quiet study' area. Lidded drinks are permitted throughout the library.

    • There should be no talking in areas designated 'silent study’.
    • Low volume conversation is permitted in ‘quiet study’ and group discussion rooms.
  • Mobile phones should be used on silent mode only. Please do not make or receive calls.

  • Users must use headphones on a low volume setting.

  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended or used to reserve study spaces. Unattended items may be removed. by security or library staff. 

  • Group discussion rooms can only be booked by students. These are available to groups of three or more for study purposes, for a maximum of two hours a day per group.

  • On hearing the fire alarm, or in the event of an emergency, users must follow any instructions given by library staff and leave the library by the nearest emergency exit.
Borrowing regulations
  • Users are responsible for all items issued to their library account.

  • If items are lost, damaged or returned late, users will have to pay a fine or charge. Accounts are automatically blocked when fines total more than £10. At this point, overdue items must be returned and fines reduced to under £10 before any further items can be borrowed or renewed.

    • Overdue fines are charged at 20p per day for recalled items.
    • An invoice for the cost of replacement will be charged for non-returned, lost or damaged items.
  • Journals and reference books cannot be borrowed.

Use of IT facilities and copyright
  • Users must comply with the university's policy statement concerning the use of computing facilities.

  • Users must comply with the Computer Misuse Act 1990 and the JANET Acceptable Use Policy.

  • Users must comply with requirements of the copyright regulations together with the university's agreement with the Copyright Licensing Agency.

  • Users who do not comply with the above rules and regulations may be asked to leave the library and may be liable to a further penalty.

  • Use of the library is at the discretion of the Associate Director of Information Services (Library Services).



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