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Computing, printing, copying and scanning facilities are available to users with a valid ID or library card – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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Map of the facilities
Computing facilities

There are over 100 PCs in the three computer rooms on the first floor of Hunter Wing next to the library. These rooms are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Access to the rooms is via the lift lobby on the first floor, Hunter Wing using a valid ID/library card.

The largest computer room is available at all times. H1.8 and H1.9 are available when not booked for teaching. Please check the display screen outside H1.8 for room booking details.

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Software available includes Microsoft Office and SPSS.

Who can use the computing facilities?

All university staff and students are able to use the computing facilities. All NHS library members can use the computing facilities except where you have reference-only access.

We regret that all other users, including visitors to the library and university alumni, are not able to use the computing facilities due to licensing restrictions.

How do I log in?

All university staff and students should use their university username and password.

NHS staff must have a current library membership in order to be granted a login from the Library Helpdesk. Please note, it can take 24 hours for your membership to be added to the system and your login to be available.

Any updates to your membership (new ID number, expired membership etc) will result in a delay of 24 hours to get a new login.

Problems or queries with your computer login?

Please contact the ITAV Support team by email to report a problem or query. You can also visit the team between 12pm and 2pm, Monday to Friday, at the IT Helpdesk drop-in located at the top of corridor 3, Jenner Wing.

Alternatively, you may contact the Library Helpdesk during staffed hours (Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm) for assistance.

Please note that for security reasons, passwords cannot be reset over the phone or via email. In order to have your password reset you must come in person, with your ID card, to the Library Helpdesk. Alternatively (for university staff and students only) you can use the forgotten password reset page.

University students can also get their passwords reset at the Student Centre.

Printing, photocopying and scanning

Printers are available in the library and in the computer rooms. You must have a university username and password to use the printers .

University students

Printing and copying are free for students.

Go to our All you need to know about printing guideto find out about:

  • printer locations
  • printing from home and own device
  • printing from SGUL email account
  • printing from USB
  • scanning to USB and email.
NHS staff

NHS staff can top-up their account at the Library Helpdesk during staffed hours if they want to print or photocopy. Charges are as below:

  • black and white printing:
    • A4: 5p per sheet, 6p double-sided
    • A3: 9p per sheet, 11p double-sided
  • colour printing:
    • A4: 18p per sheet, 27p double-sided
    • A3: 27p per sheet, 33p double-sided 
University staff

University staff can use any of the printers to print or photocopy in the same manner as departmental ones.


Scan-to-email and scan-to-USB is available on any of the printers in the library and computer rooms. This will allow you to send your scanned document to your university email address (not available to NHS staff) or save to a memory stick (available to all). This is a free service; please ask at the Library Helpdesk if you need help.

Scan-to-email instructions (PDF)

Scan-to-USB instructions (PDF)
Connect to the network
Wired access

Wired network connection ports with network cables are available on the desks in the silent study areas. A university username and password is needed to log in to the university network via your device.

Wi-Fi access
Wi-Fi connectivity is provided in the library and the social learning space, just outside of the library. Please note that due to licensing restrictions, Wi-Fi access is only available to university staff and students. To find out how to access Wi-Fi see our Wi-Fi help page.



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