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The archive collections cover St George’s history from its establishment in 1733 to the present day. As well as documenting the aims, objectives and achievements of the university, they also offer a unique glimpse into the people and events which have shaped the university’s history. The collections include administrative papers, student and staff records, records of clubs and societies, artworks, rare books from the old Medical School Library at Hyde Park Corner, and other important materials relating to the history of St George’s.

The collections include, but are not limited to, the following.

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Medical school records

The archive holds records which chart the development of the medical school from the very beginning. Records include maps and plans, student registers, school publications such as yearbooks, annual reports and prospectuses.

Minute books exist for a number of committees and bodies associated with St George’s Hospital and the medical school. See our minute books research guide for an overview of the volumes held and for a listing of the Medical School Committee Minute Books, dating from 1862-1945.

The archive also holds a number of record cards of medical students and student nurses from the early 1900s onwards, often providing details of their training and examinations.




St George's Archives and Special Collections hold a large collection of photographic material depicting events and ceremonies, buildings, students, medical staff, nurses and other individuals. Photographs relate to the former St George's Hospital Group sites including:

  • St George's Hospital, Hyde Park Corner

  • Grove Fever Hospital, Tooting

  • Bolingbroke Hospital, Wandsworth Common

  • St James' Hospital, Balham

  • Victoria Hospital for Children, Chelsea

  • Atkinson Morley Hospital, Wimbledon

  • Tooting Bec Hospital, Tooting

  • South London Hospital for Women and Children, Clapham

  • Weir Maternity Hospital.

 An archival photograph of the St George's Hospital football club.

Rare books
There are a number of books which came from the original medical school library at Hyde Park Corner in central London.

The archives are home to a number of artefacts collected by the hospital and medical school over the years. This collection includes surgical instruments, scientific equipment, medals, trophies, and other objects.


Artwork and busts
The archives have a growing collection of artworks and busts of individuals associated with the hospital and medical School.
Post-mortem records
St George’s Archives and Special Collections look after a fascinating collection of post-mortem examinations and case books, dating continuously from 1841 to 1946. Please see our post-mortem and casebooks research guide for further information on these items.
Gifts and donations
If you would like to discuss a possible donation to the Archives and Special Collections, please contact the archivist.
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