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This page contains an overview of software packages available to St George’s users. If you require more detailed information about any of the software packages listed below, or advice about any non-St George’s software, please email your query to the software support team.

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Desktop software



Can be purchased be contacting IT/AV but please note some packages are only available under Adobe's cloud subscription service – see software prices or email the software support team for information.


The SGUL AppsAnywhere App store gives you access to long list of SGUL licensed and free applications to install on your personally owned (or SGUL managed) Laptop or PC. Click on the link below to have a look at what's available:

GraphPad Prism

Biostatistics, curve-fitting and scientific graphing. Free of charge for students, £72 per year for staff. Available (with certain restrictions) on submission of the Prism request form.

See also GraphPad Prism

Microsoft Office

SGUL students and staff can install Office 365 on up to 5 personally owned MAC OSX or Windows devices. To do this:

  1. In your web browser enter or click on this URL
  2. Sign in with your SGUL email address and password.
  3. Click on the link that says "Install Office" at the top right hand side of the page
  4. Select office 365 apps and follow the instructions on screen.


For other Microsoft software including Project and Visio see software prices for more details.



To get up and running right away with NVivo on a windows device use AppsAnywhere


To install NVivo on Mac OSX please fill out the form here.

PDF Converter

Kofax Power PDF Advanced and many other apps can be installed by pointing your browser to and logging in with your SGUL username and password.

Software for statistical analysis and modelling packages. Available for Windows devices through AppsAnywhere


Software for statistics and data science. Available for Windows devices through AppsAnywhere



To get up and running right away with SPSS on a windows device use AppsAnywhere


To install IBM SPSS on Mac OSX please follow the guide here (pdf).

If you need assistance with installing IBM SPSS, please contact the ITAV Support team or visit our drop-in helpdesk clinic at J0.49 (Corridor 3) on Mondays - Fridays, 12pm-2pm.

VMware Horizon

VMware Horizon can be installed through Software Center from any SGUL managed  PC or laptop.


Web-based software
EndNote Web

Reference management program, free to use via the university's Web Of Knowledge subscription. See referencing and reference management for staff for more details.


Reference management program, free to use via Shibboleth login. See referencing and reference management for staff for more details.


To access the software available on the central statistics server you may need to install an additional piece of software (eg Xming) first. Please contact IT/AV Support for advice.


MatLab for Linux – X Windows version. Instructions on how to connect to MatLab on our server can be found here.

See MatLab.


Numerical computations (MatLab compatible). See Octave.


Change your password in LDAP and Unix.


Stats package (restricted use; email the software support team for access). See SAS.

Survey tools

Various groups across the university will wish to run surveys at different times during the academic year and we have a number of tools to help you with this. 

Microsoft Forms 

If you need to create a survey or questionnaire as part of your work or study, you should use Microsoft Forms. 

You can access Microsoft Forms via the SGUL O365 Portal by going to and clicking on the Forms icon. 

Help and tips on how to create a survey using Microsoft Forms can be found here.  For further help please email 

Please make sure you refer to any other relevant guidance before setting up your survey, for example in terms of either data protection or research ethics requirements.  

Data protection guidance is available here and more details for researchers can be found here.

JISC Online Surveys 

Where Microsoft Forms does not provide the necessary functionality for your needs, it may be possible to use JISC Online Surveys instead.

For further information and to request access to Online Surveys please email the Learning & Development Manager at 

Survey Monkey 

Survey Monkey is a very popular online tool but we do not recommend its use due to data protection concerns. 



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